Thursday, September 28, 2017

MealPlanFamily - Instant Pot Chicken Faux Pho

Even though the temperatures here have been nothing close to fall evidenced by a picture of my kids from last weekend:

It's still officially fall and I still wanted some delicious soup. Pho is a personal favorite of mine, but since we are on whole 30 I figured I'd have to wait until afterwards....but then I found this recipe which uses spiralized veggies as the noodles... DUH! YES!

I sent my husband and daughter to Findlay Market to pick up some chicken and hit up the asian market for the packet of pho spices (makes life so much easier)....

For whatever reason he couldn't find a daikon I told him just to get parsnips and we would work with that. The broth was KILLER.....and while I won't say that I didn't miss the delicious skinny silky rice noodles that usually come in pho....this was a good substitute for the time being.

I love this pho recipe...basically dump everything in the Instant Pot....cover with water and let it do its thing....

Find the recipe here and if the weather actually ever does cool sure to make it! :)

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