Tuesday, May 3, 2016

MealPlanFamily - Seared cod with Mediterranean bean & tomato salad

A girl from one of the facebook groups I'm in had some free Hello Fresh Meals to send as a sample (she is a customer so had a few samples she could send to friends who are not customers) and Hello Fresh sent us 3 meals to try. I have tried Blue Apron in the past so I was excited to try these too.

For those who don't have any idea what I'm talking about...these are like, subscription meal services. They send you a big refrigerator box filled with the exact amounts of food you need and recipe cards to cook 3-4 meals. Most allow you to choose your dietary restrictions, vegetarian, gluten free, you don't like fish, whatever.... So basically you are still cooking the meals, but not having to find the recipes or shop for the ingredients. They are a fun way to try some new things.

Our first meal was this seared cod with Mediterranean bean and tomato salad.
It was fast and easy to put together. The bean salad was basically a quick pickle of the red onions and beans. It was a really simple but solid meal.

And here is the recipe card that came in the box.


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