Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

Before Hannah was born, whenever I needed to buy gifts for a child for whatever reason, I loved looking at blogs to see what gifts were being played with by children the same age as who I was buying for....
So here I present to you.... a list of indoor toys for a 2 year old girl...or at the very least..the list of toys that Hannah loves playing with inside :)

1. Number one on the list has to be This Kitchen. We play with this every single day. I love that it's wood instead of plastic and is really pretty soft colors. I also love that I know this is something she will have fun with for years and  years to come.

2. Next on the list has to be this table and chairs. This is also a play with every day item and she uses it to serve her dolls (mostly Elmo) delicious treats and drinks. I also love that the colors match the kitchen...and it's colorful without being overdone. Also, wood. (Can you see the theme of me hating giant plastic toys?)

Also in this picture is her "espresso maker" and she loves making coffee for mom & dad. I also really like  this one 

and this one would match her kitchen perfectly!

3. Speaking of feeding dolls, we also have this super cute doll high chair. The tray lifts and goes back down to get the dolls in and out and she thinks this is pretty much the coolest thing ever. She loves feeding the babies in their special seat.

4. Accessories for the kitchen. We have a lot of these. I love Melissa and Doug for stuff like this and back to my wood over plastic obsession we have this play food,

and these pots and pans ( I love how realistic they look!).

We also have this dish set which comes with a little drying rack, sponge and dish soap. Seriously so Cute!!

5. Speaking of her baby....she got this one for Christmas this year and loves her. (her name is Amy). Amy is always naked and never has her hat on...but Hannah loves her just the same.

6. She also has this diaper bag. She loves wiping Amy and changing her diaper (over and over and over again). I think I'm starting to sound like an ad for Melissa and Doug, but I just really love their stuff SO MUCH. You could also just fill an old purse or bag with a small diaper and some wipes and I bet they would like that just as much :)

7.  This Bed. Could you just die? My sister and her friend handcrafted this bed (and bedding) just for Hannah. It's cute and sturdy and I can see Hannah passing it down to her kids! 

7. A broom and dustpan. Rob Thought I was so ridiculous for getting her this as a gift but it's one of the things she uses probably more than any other "toy" she has... I think the take away is...anything you use, but in her size is something she will think is awesome. Every time one of us gets a broom out to sweep, her broom is out within seconds.

8.This medical kit - she loves using it to test our blood pressure and listen to our heart...and it makes doctor visits a little less scary when she knows what all the equipment is for.

9. She also got this block table for Christmas and we've been having a lot of fun building things with it. I didn't put any of the princessy stickers on it and it makes me like it more :) You can also fold up the legs and store all the blocks in the table for easy storage.

10. PUZZLES, BOOKS & STICKERS. I think I'm going to have to do a separate post about all of our favorite puzzles and books because this is what we spend the majority of our time doing. We love love love puzzles and books...and these are things you can not go wrong getting for a 2 year old.

Hopefully that helped give you some ideas of things to get the little 2 year old in your life. Happy Shopping!


nancy john said...

I love this idea. I think I might write one to my daughter on the first day of school every year.

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Unknown said...

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