Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Very Elmo 2nd Birthday!

Our little girl turned TWO on Sunday. We celebrated with an all out Elmo family celebration. (We are doing a joint friends birthday party later in the month with all the neighborhood kids whose birthdays are so close together....also Elmo themed, of course)

What's up with kids and Elmo? I was never much a fan of him myself with all the high pitched third person talking and whatnot....but the dude is like a toddler magnet. Hannah celebrates the entire Sesame Street cast....but no one like that Elmo... So an Elmo party it was....

I couldn't really find any decorations that I loved so I printed some pictures of all her favorite characters from google images and bought a pack of primary colored cardstock at Michaels (with a coupon of course) and went crazy from there :)

Sticker/Crayon/Craft table for the kids....

 Complete with Elmo Stickers...(these are from the dollar store. Score!)

Cookie monster sponsored some 2 shaped lemon sugar cookies

And Abby's Magic wands...aka white chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles.

Red solo cups have taken on a whole new meaning.....Oh Elmo solo cups, if only 68 Stewart Street could see you now :)

At least you've still got prime seating right next to the beer tub :)

Oscar on the garbage can drawer. Obvs.

Blindfolding small children, spinning them around and watching them do anything is one of my new favorite things... 

I accidentally got a shot of her whole shirt in the room with the worst light....but it's totally adorable...and totally soft..

No Elmo birthday party is complete without Elmo's mug on a cake!

Or watching a kid who pretty much never gets sugar eat a cookie, an ice cream and a piece of cake in about 6 minutes total

Being her parents gets more fun every single day. I love watching this ridiculous little personality grow and change right before my eyes.

Happy Birthday Sweet Hannah!!!

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