Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Baby Progressive Dinner 2014

If you are a long time reader maybe you remember last year's Halloween Baby Progressive Dinner.

Well this year we added a lot more mobility and personality to our little event.

We used the same concept and went around the neighborhood to 3 separate houses starting around 3pm... appetizers, entrees and dessert. We were blessed again with the most beautiful fall day imaginable..

Our house hosted the entrees and I wrapped our dining room table in white paper and added crayons and stickers. Disclaimer: this table is still wrapped in this same paper and we use it almost every single day. haha.

Scary oranges

We served crock pot pulled pork that sat in the crock pot all day with coleslaw and slider buns and it was delicious...of course I have no pictures....others also brought a delicious fall chili and some other heavy apps.

We had more fun time outside

I tried to get a last minute family bug theme going with little to no success.

But there was no denying the extreme cuteness of this lil lady(bug)

Even if she refused to wear the head ever

Last but not least was the dessert house where my skilled baker friends made delicious (and beautiful!) desserts

Another amazing day for another favorite neighborhood tradition.
Happy (belated) Halloween Everyone!!

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