Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014 - Shaw Farms

In the past I have had a great time looking back at my old Pumpkin Patch posts to help me keep them straight. In my quest to eventually visit all the great pumpkin patches...we decided to try a new one this year...Shaw Farms. Check out our visit to Burger Farms last year here and our trip to Blooms and Berries before that here.

Shaw Farms was out in Milford and it was free to get in, which is nice. There were lots of things for toddlers to do and look at and Hannah loved playing in all the little houses they had scattered around.

They had two options for was pulled by horses and one by a tractor. I've never seen a pumpkin patch with a horse drawn hayride, so that was pretty cool..but the wait was a lot longer for that one, so we just went with the old tractor standby.

The tractor ride was long and through the woods which was fun. Lots of cute decorations hung up. what was weird is that they didn't drop you off at a pumpkin patch? I always thought the point of the hayride was to take you the pumpkin patch? ...but either way it was lots of fun.

They also had this saweet little ride made out of like barrels pulled around by a tractor. The kids were being zipped around all over the field. It looked like so much fun.

They had all the traditional pumpkin patchy stuff.... a corn maze, a bluegrass band, hot cider, crafty stuff, etc...and their "pumpkin patch" and shop was right in the front. 

Determined toddler will pick her OWN pumpkin....thankyouverymuch

There were lots more cute photo ops out here with more wooden cut is a sample of the wizard of oz....too cute

All in all it was a great little pumpkin patch!
We will probably be hitting up at least one more before the season is over, so be on the look out :)

Happy Fall!!

Which pumpkin patch should we visit next? Which one is your favorite and why? Thanks in advance!

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