Friday, September 5, 2014

South Haven 2014 Vacation Recap

Warning this post is a cuteness overload photo dump! You have been warned.
Last year we went to South Haven with a 6 month old and it was an easy drive, a beautiful beach and a great we decided to go back again this year. This year we again went with friends so had two couples and two 18 month olds. We got a little smarter this year and used our new understanding of the area to our advantage and chose another townhouse complex with a pool....

But this year instead of the 4 block walk...we chose a house that was right across the street from the beach!

The first night we got in, we unloaded our cars and walked over to check out the beach. Gavin was not too sure about the sand between his toes so Hannah tried to make him feel better.

We bought these chairs that I saw everyone using when we were in the Outer Banks and were able to stuff in the pockets in the back everything we needed so we could stay hands free to carry babies up the sand and not have to make multiple trips. They are backpacks! They were awesome. 

We spent a lot of time playing at the beach:

and a LOT of time at the pool....which oddly enough I have no pictures of. We were able to rig our video monitors to allow us to sit at the pool baby free with cocktails while the babies slept. Yessss..
But 18 month olds can't spend the entire day just laying at the beach (or can they??)

And the weather in Michigan isn't necessarily pool weather from the second you wake up until you go to bed, so we did lots of other activities to fill our days.

We took long walks on the pier

We visited the Children's "Museum" in St. Joseph. (I use the term museum vey loosely here)..

and while we were in St. Joe's we had lunch, walked around town

and checked out the indoor carousel down on the beach....
We bought our token out of the little machine and Hannah was not feeling it.

I tried to put her on a horse but that wasn't just like that I became that person that I always wondered why they would bother riding a carousel if they were going to sit on the stationary bench....

One of my favorite things we did was to go blueberry picking! There were tons of places to go, but we chose Earl's Farm Market and highly recommend it. Hannah discovered very fast what to do and was in heaven. I don't even want to know how many blueberries she ate... haha

After dinner we usually walked half a block down the street to play at the park! These two are seriously so in love

Most nights we ate dinner at home and after the babies went to bed the adults sat outside and had frosty beverages and played silly games, but we each went out for one little date night too. Rob and I caught the end of the sunset

and had dinner at Taste, a little tapas restaurant downtown. It was really yummy!

One day we checked out "kids corner" which was a nice playground but I'm not sure what age group it's targeting. Check out these drop offs on the slides/steps... maybe the sand has just gotten washed away over the years?

One morning we decided to dress up and get some family pictures on the beach...which coincided with literally the only hour of the vacation that Hannah decided to be while we didn't get any great family pics....we were still able to get a few good pics. 

Ok, I think I've babbled on long enough for now... in conclusion we heart South Haven..and we will definitely be back :)

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