Monday, September 29, 2014

Restaurant Review - Cheapside Cafe

Last week for lunch, we headed over to Cheapside Cafe on a co-worker's recommendation that it seemed like something I would love. I love stuff I would off we went.

Cheapside Cafe is that little white restaurant over on 8th street that used to be a greek restaurant that I went to once but couldn't blog about because there was no name listed anywhere. Not inside, not outside, not online...but it was pretty good. So before we get started, RIP to the little white no-named greek restaurant that this place used to be.

But now it is cheapside cafe and it is fun and pretty and modern and has an interesting and different menu. And they serve breakfast all day...for any of you that are into that sort of thing.

Here is the menu:

Breakfast, sides, salads and sandwiches are the four categories....

They also had lots of choices of natural beverages including in house made sodas!

And locally made chips 

I didn't go for any chips this time.... but while some people have a weakness for cake and cookies, mine is definitely for really good crunchy, salty chips. So Lemongrass & Pink Peppercorn chips... I will be back for you.

They also had a little station to pick up your (real) silverware....yes! I wish more places would do this! ....and water or any sweeteners for your honey and raw sugar.

and speaking of drinks another thing I will be going back for is to try some of their extensive coffee offerings which included everything from drip coffee, to kegged cold coffee to an "espresso chinotto" which apparently includes house made tonic, espresso and soda...

I decided on the curried chicken salad sandwich which included avocado, green apple and roasted chickpeas on a baguette....

Now that is a sandwich! I ended up opening it up and eating it open face style. It was really delicious....and very filling.

Next time I've got my eye on the smoked salmon sandwich I think!.
If you haven't been here yet, check it out for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon pick me up!

I've been here like 2 more times since I wrote this original review and let me just highly, highly, highly recommend the smoked salmon sandwich. Holy crap was that thing good. Delicious generous amount of salmon on a salty rye with herbed cream cheese and cucumbers. Highly recommend. I got it with the buttermilk and chive chips. yumm.

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