Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fresh Thyme Market in Oakley

I meant to write this post like a week and a half ago, but man was life busy last week. So anyway, here I am instead  as pretty much the very last person to write about this awesome new grocery store that just opened in Oakley. When I heard about it I wasn't sure if it would be a total gimmick ....they were throwing the "healthy food" phrase around a lot...or if it really would be full of healthy food. Whole Foods is my gold standard for grocery stores so I wondered would they have bulk bins? spices by the ounce? brands I have heard of? so I was excited to get "tickets" to the sneak preview they had a couple of days before the grand opening to check it out.

First of all I kind of hate giant grocery stores...full of aisles I don't care about like cookies and picnic supplies...when I'm grocery shopping...I just wanna grocery shop. Small grocery stores that have a good selection of good food are what I love.

Fresh Thyme had a beautiful salad bar:

and a beaaautiful olive bar.

I like to try and mostly make my own salad dressing, but when I buy it, I buy the kind that comes in glass jars in the refrigerated section....and they had a ton of it to choose from:

Tons of beautifully displayed organic & conventional produce

and 77 cent avocados. wwhhhhhhaaaatttt?

They also had a couple of rows of my beloved bulk bins which saves money and the environment :)

AND they had spices by the ounce which was so exciting to me! (because sometimes you just don't need $30 worth of saffron).... Something they have that I probably wouldn't typically use but thought was different and cool was like a bulk sweetener type of stand. They had agave, honey, etc with bottles to fill as much as you want.

Things not pictured were their great frozen food section, tons of different eggs, milk, a beer and wine section, etc. They also feature Boar's Head Meat and made to order sushi...along with tables and chairs to enjoy your food there.

Hannah was getting a little ansy at this point so I didn't get a chance to really look at the meat to see what they offered, but I did snap this picture and it looked great!..also they did have pre-packaged brands like applegate, etc.

I'm looking very forward to exploring this store on my own during a full grocery trip...

Cheers to another organic grocery store in our neighborhood!!

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