Monday, July 21, 2014

Outer Banks Vacation Part 1

In the past re-capping our vacations on the blog has been a fun way for me to look back on past vacations. Here are a couple of past vacation recaps. Here is South Haven recap 1, 2 and 3....and a pre-baby Mexican vacation here and  another one here.

We just got back from beach vacation 1 of the summer from Outer Banks, NC so I thought I would share some highlights of our trip. This might be a multi-part post again, depending on how long winded I get.

The trip started out with Hannah's first flight. I would be lying if I said this didn't scare me a little. A 17 month who literally doesn't hold still for more than 30 seconds having to sit on my lap for an hour to an hour and a half....I just didn't have high hopes for the experience. We checked our suitcases, gate checked our stroller and carseat (which we transported in one of these bags that we borrowed from a neighbor) and carried on our 300lb backpack full of all the things I was praying would occupy my busy toddler for the hour long flight. DVD player and 2 videos, a color wonder set, this pretty sweet Melissa and Doug re-useable sticker set, books, toys and a roll of blue painter's tape which my mom made fun of me by referring to it as "redneck stickers"....which is fair. Ha.

Well for the hour long flight she basically looked out the window, took the magazines in and out of the seat back pocket, pointed out all the dogs in the skymall and ate the mini airline pretzels. She really earned those wings that the delta flight attendant gave her! Now this flight was only an hour so with loading and unloading and all that stuff maybe an hour and I don't know how she would have done on a longer flight....but an hour...we can definitely handle.

We landed in Raleigh and Aunt Emily picked us up from the airport. We walked around downtown and had lunch...

and took a trip to Pullen Park which was one of the nicest city parks I have ever been to. I seriously couldn't believe admission was was a gorgeous park. We took a train ride around the whole park, rode the antique carousel (each a dollar) 

and watched the ducks swim around. We went down the slide approximately 25 times and rode the teeter totter..

She also rode this thing which she obviously hated... :)

and we got our picture taken with a random statue of Andy Griffith and Opie (is that how you spell that?)

Anyway, if you are in Raleigh with a child, you should visit this park.

That night my parents got into town and watched the baby monitor while Emily took us for a night on the town... first we hit up the Tasty Beverage Company which was a great little beer store/bar. You could order from the bartenders or grab any single from their retail section and open it up and drink it. Rob was in beer heaven.

Next we walked down the street to Poole's which was a super hip downtown Raleigh restaurant that used to be a diner and had the entire menu written up on chalkboard walls. The three of us split 2 entrees and this mac and cheese

Not the best picture but damn gina was this thing enormous... This is one of the things they are known for so we had to try it did not disappoint!

After dinner we stopped for one more beer at a brewery that had a bike theme..Crank Arm I believe it was called and had a night cap on the outdoor patio before heading home for the night. The next morning we got up and had breakfast at Emily's apartment and then drove over to a gigantic farmer's market that is open every single day.  I bought waaaay too many fruits and vegetables for the week (I can not help myself at farmers's a sickness) and then we were off to start our 3 hour journey to the Outer Banks....

and boom. Just like that I've talked your ear off enough for this first blog post just talking about our first day. Read part 2 here and part 3 here!


Emily said...

Such a great day! Come back please. And yes. it was Crank Arm. :)

Emily said...

also, cute shirt :)