Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter/Spring gift ideas for Toddlers

Hannah is a winter baby with a February birthday. So now that spring is coming I have so many ideas in my head of outdoor toys for her to play with that I figured I would throw them into a little list of ideas in case anyone else is looking for ideas for the same thing! Let's get started :)

This is one she already has. Every time the weather breaks even a little, we load up this little trike and take a walk around the block.

Right now we push it and steer it but eventually it goes down to being just a regular tricycle! As of right now we are parking it in the house when it's not in use and she likes to crawl over and point to it when she wants to take a walk. Now if only the weather would get the memo.

Another thing we recently got and are loving is this adorable whale suit by iplay.

 It has a built in swim diaper which is awesome and it's pretty much just the cutest thing ever.

At swim lessons one of the tricks the teachers use to get them to lay on their backs when they might not want to is to open a waterproof book above their head to make them relax and lean back. Absolutely genius and Hannah is totally getting a waterproof book in her basket.This one even comes with water toys!

Last year we had a party with lots of toddlers (Hannah was still a baby) and someone brought a water table. The kids flocked to it. Absolutely obsessed. If she gets nothing else on this list, she is definitely getting a shiny new water table to play with on hot summer days!  This one looked like a lot of fun to me! Simple, no sand, and something to dump water in.

Last year we bought her a raft similar to this one to use on vacation and at the pool but she was still a little too small to hold herself up in it. I'm really hoping this year it will work for her. I love it because of it's canopy and because it fold up easily really teeny tiny in a small bag which was perfect for lugging to the pool.

This year I'm also considering getting her a puddle jumper. If you can't tell we intend to spend a lot of time in the water this summer and probably for the rest of her life. Growing up as a pool rat then later working as a lifeguard, swim lesson instructor and swim team member/ is really important to me that she learns to be really comfortable in the water. I was jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side of the pool alone at 18 months...pool water runs through our veins in this family :) Puddle Jumpers are actually US Cost Guard Approved Life Jackets and are so much safer than water wings. This one is purple and has a giraffe on it, so it's pretty much meant to be for her.

A few inexpensive buckets  

and a board book about Easter..and I think we're set for now!

I would love to hear any more great ideas!
Happy spring shopping!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lenten Fish Fry Series: Our Lord Christ the King in Mt. Lookout

Our fish fry series continues with last week's visit to Our Lord Christ the King in Mt Lookout! It was their first fish fry of the season, but there will be another April 4 and April 11... from 5-8.

Now let's talk about the fish!
We walked past this to get in. People breading and frying up the fish on our right side and grilling up salmon on our left! The salmon looked fantastic with some kind of delicious marinade on it.

This is another one of those places you might want to get to early. We got there around 5:30 and didn't have trouble with parking or lines, but some of our friends who arrived closer to 6 and after had a little trouble finding parking spots and issues with much slower lines. Also, like I mentioned it was their first fry of the season so I'm sure some kinks had to be worked out.

So the way this fish fry works is just a dinner fee. $10 for dinner....and that includes the fish of your choice and as many sides as you want! (including brownies and ice cream for dessert!!)

You checked what you wanted including your choice of fish and as many sides as you wanted....

Then you walked through their little cafeteria line to pick up all your sides. You might need multiple trays if you opted for an embarrassing amount of sides like we did... but in our defense there were 3 of us! :)

Christ the King is definitely winning in the sides department. So many to choose from!

Shrimp Salad with delicious looking lettuce:

Colorful and fresh looking fruit cups, green beans that still had some bite to them, sauteed summer vegetables, homemade mac and cheese, french fries.....

The fish was good too! Warm, fresh & flaky.

They also didn't disappoint on the rye bread. It was a soft delicious bakery bread.

Beers were between $2-$4 and there were some decent options available:

Modela for him, Shock Top for her
Hannah as usual enjoyed her dinner and appreciated the fruit options besides just applesauce.

And her friend Everett, looking dashing for the night, also enjoyed himself.

Then we had our (included but not pictured) brownies with ice cream for dessert. Perfect end to the meal!
Our table's consensus was very positive. We loved the quality and variety of sides available. The fish was very good... I wish one of us would have tried the salmon because it looked really good! There was ample places to sit and spread out and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

So officially All Saints is still winning for their efficiency, Our Lord Christ the King is definitely winning with their sides, and Nativity I think still has Christ the King eeked out for best fish. St. Cecilia still has it's "closest to my house" award going for it :)

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