Monday, March 3, 2014

Rhinegeist Brewery

Last Saturday was the kind of day that gives you the nudge to just hold on a little longer until spring because awesome. It was warm enough for jeans and a long sleeve shirt in the sun and maybe a light jacket in the shade. It was a day begging to go down to Findlay Market..

Oh Findlay Market I have missed you. We chatted with some farmers, got some lunch and sat on a stoop and enjoyed it in the sunshine.

favorite people at my favorite place

After lunch we decided it was the perfect time to (finally) check out Rhinegeist Brewery

We are big fans of their beer and had heard that the space was really neat. It was WAY bigger than I had imagined in my head and was full of fun things to do!

They have a giant bar area with a TV and tables

 Rob's personal favorite Rhinegeist beer is "Truth" which is a west coast style IPA
I got the "Cougar" which was also delicious and a good daytime drinking beer

Love their food "menu" Pretzels $3 or the phone number for a local pizza place.
It would be fun to bring in a picnic from Findlay too!

They have a huuuge open space that they've filled with tables,

Ping Pong Tables,

and cornhole boards

Such a fun place to gather with friends on a Saturday afternoon. No matter what you're drinking :)

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