Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lenten Fish Fry Series: St. Cecilia in Oakley

Welcome to the Lenten Fish Fry Series! We are going to try to visit a different church's fish fry every Friday of Lent and give you an idea of what to expect. I am not going to "critique" them too harshly obviously ....because come on, it's a church fish fry and all of them are worth a visit and your support! But I always find myself wondering how they differ from each other in menu options, etc so I am here to help you with that! This week I have unfortunately been very sick all week and so even though our plan was to start somewhere different, we decided to hang close to home and start with St. Cecilia in Oakley.

Last year during lent we had an infant, so Rob drove down to St. Cecilia every Friday and brought us home food, but this year we decided we are going to go for the full experience and eat in the cafeteria.....

So basically for $6.50, you get fried tilapia on a bun with your choice of applesauce or coleslaw, plus a choice of the following: fries, baked potato, mac & cheese, green beans or green salad..
Then there are lots of extras you can add on like mozzarella cheese sticks, fried mushrooms, cheese fries, etc. At this fry they also have the choice of baked fish or shrimp...but to me that is not fish fry food....Fridays during lent are pretty much the only times of the year that I eat fried fried fish is what I want. Also, Rob ordered the baked cod the first time he ever went to a fish fry (he is not a native Cincinnatian) and basically jealously eyed my dinner until I finally offered to share it with I don't think he'll make that mistake again either :) There was also a kids meal that was your choice of fish or cheese pizza.

Anyway, Rob and I both went for the fried tilapia dinner with french fries. We got one cole slaw and one applesauce..and I added a little side salad for $1.

It was a nice big piece of talapia served open face on a white or wheat bun with a nice big side of salty fries. It was all pretty cold, especially the french fries, even though we ate in.

And here is a little picture of my side salad...nothing impressive but I wanted to get some kind of veggies in my sick body....iceburg would have to do haha

The coleslaw was peppery and very runny..inedible to me....but Hannah enjoyed the applesauce :)

Dinners are served with sweet iced tea and lemonade

Or you could add a bud or bud light for $3

I believe they also had a table of desserts available for 50 cents each or you could make one of the 15 girl scouts' day that were running around by buying a box of cookies from them. (ps um when did a box of girl scout cookies get to $4....  back in my day I think a box was $2! and it was bigger! and we had to sell it walking uphill both ways in the snow!! but anyway.....)

St. Cecilia....a solid place for a good fish sandwich and some fries. Reasonable prices. Friendly patrons.
Check it out.

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FoodHussy said...

Larry always gets the baked because he's allergic to eggs - so you never know if the batters have egg in them. easier to just play it safe. We love Corpus Christi up in our world and are going this week! I"m hoping to try some others in the area for the rest of Lent (i'm not even Catholic!).

Jen Lilley said...

I think it made Rob especially sad because the baked fish is about 1/3 the size of the fried! haha.