Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lenten Fish Fry Series: Nativity in Pleasant Ridge

This past Friday we visited Nativity in Pleasant Ridge for our weekly fish fry tour. Some notes about this fish fry. -
  • It starts at 5:30....
  • you need to get there at 5:30 or before unless - you want to wait in a very very very long line 
  •  if you can't get there at 5:30 and have to wait in the line....it's still worth it. There is a reason the line is long... the food is great!

Hand Breaded Haddock with coleslaw and your choice of two sides for $8. 

Even though the lines were long there were still plenty of places to sit and our giant party of parents and kids could all mostly sit together

The fish was the real star here....none was the same shape or size and it fell apart when they scooped it out of the containers because it was that flaky.

I chose french fries and mac and cheese...which was good. They also had sweet potato fries which was a fun change! Their coleslaw had a good ratio of mayo to cabbage and wasn't too runny like it unfortunately was last week.

The drinks were also a big step up and craft beer was available for only $3! Unfortunately they didn't replenish their craft beer selection from the week before so it ran out pretty fast, but at the beginning of the night they had choices from Mad Tree, Jackie O's & Dogfish Head... along with various draft and bottled domestic beers.

This one might be getting her own meal next time since I would say she ate about half of what was on my plate...

ummmm....more fish please!
So far Nativity is the clear front runner for their quality of food, temperature of food and selection of beer.
If I wasn't dedicated to sampling all that this city has to offer this year, I would probably just come back here for the rest of lent...but alas, someone has to taste that fish! Where should we go this week??

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5chw4r7z said...

It looks like we pretty much agreed on this fish fry. I think it has been the best one this season so far.
If you want you can always join our FFF group and join us.

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