Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lenten Fish Fry Series: All Saints in Kenwood

Last week in our fish fry tour, we visited All Saints in Kenwood. I had heard a rumor that they offered fish tacos...which was something we have yet to see on this fish fry tour, so we were very interested in giving it a try!

But before we get to the food, let's talk about the efficiency. Good Golly Miss Molly these people are efficient with a capital E. Absolutely no lines at all.... The menu is printed giant in the hallway...... so you pick out what you want....

Then walk up to the ordering station where they take your order:
The back of the ordering station
Then you take your slip of paper all totaled up to the paying station and pay:

After he marks you paid, you hand your slip to the food station where they hand you your food:

Their organization was very impressive.

Ok, now onto the food. I ordered the fish tacos...because it's the reason I was here!

Huge tacos with crispy fish, lots of cheese, some cilantro, two sides of salsa, cole slaw and some tortilla chips. Such a fun spin on the traditional church fish fry! The tacos were good and it was fun to have something different!

Rob ordered the 2 piece fish dinner with two sides and got sweet potato fries and mac and cheese:

The sweet potato fries were very very cold (this is the price you pay for efficiency sometimes I suppose) and sprinkled in like a cinnamon sugar mixture? I was not a big fan of that. I didn't taste this mac and cheese but Rob said it was nice and creamy and he was a fan...but again, not very warm.

Here is a shot of Hannah's dinner.

She gave it one big sign for "more"

As usual they had cute kids selling lots of cute treats. We had some cookies and chocolate covered pretzels for dessert.
cute kids not pictured

Last but certainly not least, they had Mt. Carmel beer on tap for $4 a glass... mmm

Overall here are my thoughts on All Saints.
They score very high for efficiency and creativity...The fish scores a little lower because of the temperature it was served at and the amount of batter on the was very thick. Overall though, a great fish fry! I mean come on, FISH TACOS!

To see where else we've been this year you can read here for St. Cecilia in Oakley and here for Nativity in Pleasant Ridge (our favorite so far!)

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