Friday, March 21, 2014

Bento Box - Laptop Lunches

I have had such an issue in the past with bringing lunches to work. Like most people, in my past I went through the lean cuisine every day phase (barf), the turkey sandwich phase and the going out to eat every day phase. None of these were particularly enjoyable whether it was to my taste buds, my waistline or my pocketbook....but it wasn't until I really started reading about and paying attention to the ingredients I'm putting in my body that I finally said enough is enough. I place such care into choosing what my family eats at home...but at work I was wasn't making the best choices....when I'm hungry, homemade chips warm out of the fryer in our work cafeteria are almost too tempting! I started really thinking about what I wanted to eat for lunch every day and decided that I needed something to motivate me to keep it up every day.

That's what I started researching  bento lunch boxes. Some of my favorite bloggers were constantly posting pictures of their kids' lunches everyday filled with neat and tidy little containers of fruits and vegetables and creative main dishes.I decided to google bento box lunch ideas for adults was almost overwhelmed by the amount of creative things people were packing for lunch!

I sent my husband a picture of this PlanetBox and told him I was going to order two. He told me I was insane to spend $150 for two lunchboxes and that I should find something after a little more searching around I settled on a Laptop Lunch Box.

Basically it's a bento box with an insulated bag

And inside a bunch of small containers to pack up with whatever your little heart desires.

It's fun because it really makes you think about the food groups when you're packing. For me at least it encourages me to get a good variety of food packed. The lunch above is chicken salad. We bought a rotisserie chicken and froze half of the meat and cut up the other half along with some celery, mayo, mustard, onions and relish to make a quick easy chicken salad. Carrots with a small amount of dip (hummus or ranch) and some butternut squash soup were added and a clementine on the side for some fruit action rounded out lunch! So much more fun to see and eat than a sandwich and chips!

Last week I made a double batch of quinoa with roasted veggies in peanut sauce for the "main course"
I added in a little cheese and crackers and grapes, but kept the carrots....(i love carrots)

You can find some really creative mamas out there making some crazy creative lunches, but for now these more boring bentos are working out just great!
Anyone else bento'ing these days? Have any great ideas for me? 
I think next week will be a "lunchables" theme :) 


Tracy said...

I hate trying to think of healthy things for lunch EVERY day! Tracy

Jen Lilley said...

We should swap ideas!