Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

Last weekend we threw my dad a surprise party! He literally had no idea it was coming and we had so much fun celebrating him…

We ate & drank:

Then my cousin and I hosted a special "old person trivia" game where we asked questions about current events in the years my dad was born/was in high school, etc. (We made Rob announce us as Patricia Sajak and Alexis Trebek and wore these mustaches…and I talked into a fake microphone…which all obviously makes total sense) 

If someone shouted out a right answer they got a "Steve coin" and whoever had the most at the end of the game won!

The winner of old person trivia won some things old people might like, like a heating pad and some sugar free hard candies….they were thrilled.

Then we had to put the mustache on the baby….

There was cake

and blowing out candles:

and present opening:

and of course, family pictures! 

Sorry family, this is what you get for being related for an internet superstar….your silly photo on the internets :)

Happy Birthday Dad!!! I love you!

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