Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby Finger Foods

I really enjoyed reading about what other babies were eating when Hannah was first starting solids, so I thought I would do a little post on what she's eating now that she's 11 months old and has a couple months of eating under her belt!

I wrote about the semi baby led weaning approach we took here and about my favorite baby food tools here. And even though we don't do purees at all anymore, we still use those little containers & the banana saver on a daily basis.. We also still regularly use the steam basket. I am really starting to learn how to effectively use the freezer, which I never really have before, besides food that comes frozen or freezing raw meat, so that's been really helpful!

Let me start off by saying that my favorite way to feed Hannah is to just share what we're having with her in some way. In the above picture for lunch I was having a grilled cheese with tomato and so she had the same thing! A piece of whole wheat bread with a piece of cheddar melted on top and tomato on the side. We also split a clementine, which we are both obsessed with :)

This night we were having wild rice with chicken and peas mixed in and she had the same… admittedly some things are much messier than others :)

If we have tacos I usually make her a plate of avocado, ground turkey, tomato & shredded cheese….which is one of her (and our) favorite meals! 
This night she also had some homemade cinnamon apple sauce.

If we have spaghetti and meat sauce, depending on the occasion, she'll just have it as we are having it only cut up small….or I'll take some noodles and meat out before adding the sauce if we don't have time for the extensive clean up sauce can involve :) One night she had a piece of lasagna that rivaled the size of mine…this girl loves her some italian food!

Speaking of pasta…it is one of those things I was talking about above with freezing. I took some extra noodles and put them my handy little containers and froze them for later use when i needed a side. This meal we were having chili, so I pulled some beans out before dumping them in the chili and defrosted a side of macaroni for about a minute in the microwave and added it along with some peas and fresh blueberries with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on the top.

This night we were having roasted potatoes, roasted cauliflower and breaded chicken thighs…so she had the same!

One of my favorite things to make her because she loves it and it's so good for her (and easily digestible!) is winter squash. I will roast an entire squash (acorn, butternut, etc)-  the good thing is you can usually find really small ones, roast the entire thing, cut it up in bite size pieces and freeze individual portions…again in my green sprouts containers. An acorn squash roasting smells like cookies being baked! So much delicious natural sugars in them. Hannah adores squash of all kinds. This night she had some slow cooker chicken and black beans (that we used as taco filling), a half a slice of whole wheat toast, some acorn squash, peas and some red pepper leftover from dinner the night before that I cut up and saved for her.

This night looks like it was roasted potatoes, blueberries, acorn squash, peas and cheese

Here is a lunch of tomatoes, shredded cheese, peas, apples and turkey.

And peanut butter toast with red peppers and roasted butternut squash

This day we went to a crab party and she ate crab faster than I could get it out of the shell for her…she enjoyed the crab with the rest of the party food including broccoli salad, fruit salad, etc.

Over Thanksgiving/Christmas I never packed anything for her (except for this little high chair which literally goes everywhere with us!)…she just ate what the rest of us were eating. On Thanksgiving she feasted on turkey, corn, peas, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, rolls, stuffing…. and same with Christmas. When she tastes something new that is particularly delicious she always gives me a big "mmmmmmm!"

Our doctor mentioned to us that a lot of time breast fed babies don't get enough iron. So this was my attempt to get some spinach in her…which was a big fail, not because she didn't like it but because it's hard to pick up spinach! It stuck to her tray and got all over the place and was a big pain in the butt…and is one of the things on Maggie's (extremely) short list that she is not interested in soooo….

Enter the green smoothie. This particular one is an apple, a banana and lots of fresh greens (either spinach or kale) and some water blended up in my beloved Vitamix . I either make one and we share it…or I give her some and store the rest in a glass jar in the fridge..

She LOVES them.

Another thing I make and freeze are these awesome whole wheat carrot and applesauce muffins.
Except I make them into baby size mini muffins

I throw them into a gallon size ziplock bag and freeze them and they thaw in the microwave in about 10 seconds. Most mornings she has one or two of these with a banana for breakfast.

A few things we also love that I didn't really talk about are:
  • Those little sargento cheese sticks…so great to grab for on the go
  • blueberries…you don't have to cup up an entire piece of fruit..just what you need!
  • Steamed cut up carrots frozen in my little containers
  • Tofu
  • Sweet potato fries
  • cheerios
  • quinoa
  • avocado (the harder ones are not as delicious but so much less messy!)
  • Bites of whatever I'm eating..even if it's spicy chili or indian food…
So far she hasn't turned away from anything…seriously….. the other day I was having a (virgin) bloody mary (aka just some spicy tomato juice with horseradish, worcestershire and tabasco) as an afternoon snack and she wouldn't stop asking for a sip so I gave her one and got an "mmmmm"…. so maybe she will be my little spicy lover. The one thing she will not eat no matter how I prepare them….eggs.. not a fan. I'll wait a few weeks and try again but on those mornings the dog gets a feast…interesting that's the one thing she's decided not to eat.

I'm sure I will think of a million things I've missed and so maybe there will be a part two!
I hope this has helped people in some way. Leave a comment with delicious baby finger foods I might have missed!


Unknown said...

how old was she when you started her off? my little one is eight months and he is getting really good at putting things in his mouth haha

Anonymous said...

Great post! We just started our 7 month old daughter on finger foods and she loves them and is so not the picky eater her 3 year old brother is so we are excited to explore in a way we never have with food!

Jen Lilley said...

She started eating at 6 months with a combination of purees and soft finger foods. Feeding her has been so much fun! Having a picky eater would be so hard!

Vkamil said...

can sweet potato fries be frozen ?