Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Christmas Re-Cap

I know Christmas has been over for a while now, but I thought my first post back after quite a hiatus, would be a little picture heavy Christmas re-cap. I'll touch on all the big points of our holiday season.

The closing on our new house ended up getting pushed back 5 days giving us exactly 2 days rather than the week we intended to move into our new house. However being the Christmas enthusiast (or crazy lady- you pick) I am, I still insisted the tree be up and decorated the day after and a week later we still  hosted a baby friendly daytime Christmas shindig. It was hectic but worth it and so much fun.

I hung whatever Christmas things I could find on whatever nails the previous owners left in the wall. ha

Holiday food is the best kind of food.

Coolest babies in town!

We also set up a little makeshift photo booth with some craft paper, a tripod and some Christmas props…

They all turned out sooooo cute! Here are a couple :)

It was also Hannah's first trip to visit Santa! Rob and I talked for days about what we thought she would do when she met him…she is generally pretty easy going about letting strangers hold her and new people….so we thought she might yank his beard or try to take off his hat or something but neither of us guessed she would cry…well apparently her lack of stranger danger doesn't apply to men with crazy facial hair who try to hold you while your parents take pictures….

Not having it.

She wouldn't even look at him. It was hilarious.

This is the best we could do.

Rob's parents were in town for a week and we tried to pack in some Christmas activities like visiting the Trains, making Christmas cookies

and building a gingerbread house!

I had fun trying to spend as much QT with this girl as I could

Christmas Eve we went to my cousin's house and had some good old fashioned Christmas fun…

Cutest strangle ever :)

both grandpas!
All the "kids" on my mom's side :)
Christmas morning was lots of fun too… I made a giant breakfast casserole and some cinnamon buns and coffee and everyone came over ready to dig into the presents!

And this little girl made out like a bandit and got more toys and books than she knows what to do with!! She has been having fun exploring all her new toys……and this chair….well she spends more time sitting in this chair than she spends doing pretty much anything else…so I would say the chair was a hit! She loves climbing in and out (and in and out and in and out) of it for now...

Later that day we headed over to the country to spend some time with my Dad's side of the family.

Babies Played

Tweens were pinned down and breathed on (apparently hypercolor shirts are BACK!)

and Rob somehow kicked some serious butt in one direction trivia

All in all it was a great Christmas!! Here is a copy of our Christmas card this year…complete with the Christmas photo shoot we staged before our big move….what a fun year it's been!!

And the second annual Christmas Eve Video for your viewing enjoyment .
Happy 2014! 

Christmas 2013 from Jen Eisenstein on Vimeo.

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