Friday, January 10, 2014

11 Months Old

Whoa whoa whoa…when did this happen? Our baby is 11 months old. In one month from today she will be a YEAR old. I can hardly believe it!!

She is into EVERYTHING and we final got around to baby proofing our house with cabinet locks and baby gates. Nothing in the world is more fun than opening a cabinet and throwing every bit of its contents onto the floor, obviously..

She is constantly pointing all the time at everything so I spend most of my time explaining, "yes, that's maggie" "that's a window" "that's daddy" "that's the ceiling" I love when I say a phrase and it's obvious that she understands it… so much going on in that little head! 

She pulls up on everything and cruises around the table/couch/our legs/ the kitchen and her crawl is lightening speed. Not sure when she will make the leap to unassisted walking…  She can take her time as far as I'm concerned :)

This is my favorite age so far (although I think I've thought that about every age we've been through) - her personality is starting to shine through so much. I love learning what makes her laugh, what makes her mad and how she reacts in all kind of new situations. I love that every time music starts playing, even on some random commercial in the other room she starts smiling and dancing.

Happy 11 months baby girl!

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