Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Final Before & Afters

Well as I mentioned a couple of posts ago...we have been busy busy with some exciting stuff... we're moving! I know what you're thinking....but you always talk about how much you love your 'hood.... which is why we are staying (VERY) close to  home :)

Anyway.... I might write a couple of posts about this house that we have grown to love so so much... but I thought it might be fun to do some comparisons of the house from the realtor's website before we bought it and then when we sold it to see how different people decorate the same spaces. It's not exactly as it might look on a daily basis ....for example we don't generally keep absolutely nothing out on our kitchen counters....but you get the idea... let's have some fun!

The dining room:

In this room we painted the back of the built-ins green to make the things on it pop. I thought it was such a fun contrast with all the random white things I found randomly through the years at thrift stores and whatnot.

The office:

For me dark colors close in a room so much. In this room we painted 3 of the walls the same color as the rest of the house and had a very faint "accent wall" in light green to add a little interest. I think it makes it look so much better, but admittedly I need to play with color a little more in our next house :)

The living room:




I think it's amazing the difference window treatments can make in looking a room look finished. Even totally sheer white window treatments…. 


Kept this room pretty much the same! - 
ps selling the high top table and chairs if anyone is in the market :)

Kids' Room:

I love this nursery…..


One of the first things we did was ripped out that old creaky door and put up a crisp white shower curtain. I liked it much better that way.


In 4 years we never got around to painting this room…but see what I mean about the curtains!

Well there is a little glimpse into the house we are leaving that we have loved oh so much. … luckily we aren't going far so we can keep an eye on her :)

And just for funsies….read about some old before and after things here and here

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