Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Restaurant Review - Fusian Hyde Park

I have previously written about the downtown Fusian, but when a second Cincinnati location opened up in my can bet I was gonna be there within a week. I like sushi in different ways.

1. Sitting down and looking at a long sushi menu full of delicious choices and having a skilled and trained sushi chef make my rolls to order and then putting them on some kind of wooden boat and/or bridge for my culinary and visual enjoyment... bonus points for setting it on fire.

2. Grocery shopping too late and picking up some pre-made pack of sushi there because I'm feeling too lazy to actually cook any of the food I just bought.

Fusian is a perfect meet in the middle point of these two. Definitely not the culinary finesse of #1, but significantly better than #2....

The store looks great, very similar to their new(er) location downtown. Very modern and clean looking...

And the way it works is the same as their other location....kind of like a "subway of sushi" if you pick your wrapper, your fish (or meat!), veggies, toppings and you get a customized sushi roll in the same time a "sandwich artist" would have finished your turkey sandwich at subway. Only 100x more fresh and delicious.

Besides the delicious sushi, my two favorite other things about this place are in this picture. The cucumber yum. And the fact that they have compost/recycling AND trash cans here. Go Environment! How can you not have extra love for any restaurant who goes the extra mile to do the right thing?

This is my created sushi roll... it is a seaweed wrapper with salmon, asparagus, avocado, green onions, jalapeƱo & carrot... topped with spicy mayo and sesame seeds. How could something so right, be wrong?

It comes with 10 (giant) pieces...but I got excited and ate 2 of them before snapping this picture :)

I know Hyde Park already has more sushi restaurants than any normal neighborhood could ever need, but Fusian fills such a different niche that we are ecstatic it came to town. See you again (and again and again and again) real soon guys.

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