Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Recent Food

I take a lot of pictures of food. I just think it's too pretty not to sometimes :)

I was moving some pictures from the phone onto the computer and there were some of food so I figured I would share!

1. My mom bought a waffle maker for cheap at a yard sale.. I was excited.
The waffles turned out pretty.....tasted fine and left my kitchen a disaster. I made a strawberry sauce to go on top and sprinkled on some powdered sugar..

Verdict: Not worth the mess and the headache, will buy frozen waffles next time :)

2. Made Pasta Carbonara with Seared Scallops one night using a tweaked version of this recipe.

Verdict: Absolutely DELICIOUS and will make again asap!

Verdict: It was a great potato soup...and the texture was spot on. This is also on the "will make again" list. (on a related note...soup season is back! YESSSSSAA!!)

4. Whole foods was having a special on smoked salmon for their friday deal...so we had this for breakfast on Saturday morning:

Verdict: Next time I will eat half and leave the other half for the next morning. I am not used to such giant breakfasts....but oh man was it a treat! I should have made a bloody mary to go with it and it would have felt like vacation!

Have you tried any delicious recipes lately I need to try?

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