Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Baby Progressive Dinner

What an 8 months it's been since Hannah was born! In the past 8 months Hannah, Rob and I have been lucky enough to meet sooo many new friends with babies right around Hannah's age. A part of me was really afraid that once she was born our social life would be dead...or at least on life support for a while...but I was wrong and we are having soo much fun every day with all of our new baby friends.

This weekend we had the first (annual- hopefully!) Halloween progressive dinner. There are 4 of us who live within one block of each other, so we were the 4 stops on the progressive dinner stop. Along for the ride were 28 adults and 14 (I think?) babies all under a year. We packed up our little aerobics instructor and headed to the first stop.

The first stop served butternut squash soup & a fall salad with homemade croutons (that I basically ate by the fistful) - and had these ridiculously cute halloween baby favors:

Some of the parents got in on the costume action too!

Oh and did I mention we wheeled pumpkin and Oktoberfest beer from house to house via "beerbarrow"?

beerbarrow at your service

The next house (directly across the street) served pumpkin risotto, smoked short ribs and a table of cheese, meats and other snacks...

Along with delicious fall punch

I have decided that more drinks need cranberries floating in them.
One street over the next stop was our house where we served Puff pastry with sopressata and cheese, butternut squash and goat cheese dip and a baked brie with apples....  this is the only pic of course I took of our spread, before anything even came out of the oven. whoops.

Parents most likely doing something embarrassing to make the babies look.

Before the dessert stop,  we had to take some pictures obviously... a few of the babies and grown ups had already left for early bedtimes by now....but here is a sampling of the cuteness...

Soooo ridiculously thankful that I have these ladies in my life!

Daddies and there anything cuter?... oh yeah, daddies and babies in halloween costumes.

We enjoyed a sampling of fall desserts and hot (spiked) cider....

And headed back across the street to put our little pumpkin to bed...who was exhausted and slept in nice and late the next morning....

Such a fun day!!

And for your viewing pleasure one more pic of Hannah in her costume :)

Not amused

Happy Halloween!!!!

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