Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MadTree Brewing

MadTree is among the trend of awesome new breweries that are popping up around Cincinnati. Their beer is available in cans and on tap in stores and bars all around the city and they recently opened a tasting room that is about 5 minutes from our house. We finally got the chance to head over there with some friends last night and check the place out!

It's a big industrial looking space....because the tasting room is also the brewing room. Too cool! 

I was excited to spot a certain fall favorite on the menu....

PUMPKIN!! Yes please :)

I'm picky about my pumpkin beers... I can't do the super sweet ones or the one that just basically taste like nutmeg beer. This one was very well balanced...tasted the pumpkin but still tasted the beer. Does that makes sense? I promise I won't write a beer blog anytime soon.

I am also a huge Happy Amber fan.. just fyi :)

The other cool thing about this place is you are free to bring dinner or lunch in...whether that be from your home or carryout from your favorite place and enjoy it at their tables while sipping their delicious beers. byohc

you have a baby.....in a brewery.
A lot of nights a local food truck or restaurant will set up shop and serve hungry patrons and on the night we were there, it was Maribelle's.

We met friends there and between the 4 of us (but really more like 2 of us) devoured two giant bags of the truffle parmesan popcorn. yummmmmm..

Rob and I also tried out some sandwiches...

Grilled tofu for her:

Chicken sausage for him:

Delicious on both counts.

If you have not been here it is a highly recommend...or at least next time you see their beers on tap or on the shelf, try it out..I promise you will not be disappointed!...

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