Friday, September 20, 2013

Lately - Fall Edition

This is a random blog of things that don't necessitate their own post but have been going on lately.

Lots of pretty weather 5pm cocktail hours on the back deck with my favorites.

Some serious army crawlin'. Need baby gates asap!

Soaking up pretty days on the swings with friends.

Becoming one of "those people" who shows up to a baby consignment sale 30 minutes before it even opens, coffee in hand with neighborhood girlfriends :)

We sent the president a birth announcement. Apparently he is supposed to send something back

Riding the train at the zoo with cousins!

Deciding 7 months is too old to be swaddled and ordering some ridiculous looking thing that is supposed to be the transition between the swaddle and the sleep sack... maybe I'll post about this again with an update?

Post bedtime nights around the fire with wine & neighbors

Which can only mean one thing....
the return of footie pajama season!

I think I almost forgot how cute footie pajamas are.
Now I just need to get a pumpkin spice latte and it will officially feel like fall!!

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