Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hannah & Maggie

People ask me all the time how Maggie is with Hannah and vice versa. For those of you who don't know Maggie...she is a nut.

 She barks like a mad woman when anyone comes over and even though she is 8.5+ years old, she has the energy of a 6 month old puppy. She has trained for a half marathon with Rob with energy to spare and will do just about anything for a tiny dry dog treat. She has an uncanny internal clock and lays by the front door starting around 3, waiting for the mailman's 3:30ish arrival, barks at him with all her might and then heads back up to bed.

All that being said, she is the sweetest pup there is. She is quiet and snuggly when no one else is around and doesn't give trouble to other dogs or people. I've never had an ounce of fear that she would ever hurt anyone or anything..... I've had her since she was 9 weeks old so I'm not really afraid there is a traumatic past that will cause her to snap at some point....

Here she is playing with Hannah's friend Morgan back when she was a little older than Hannah's age now:

She is a really sweet girl. She loves walks and fetch and my dad. She won't sleep anywhere except under the covers and between my legs when it's cold outside.  She will always be our first baby :)

She stayed at my parent's house the night Hannah was born and we had my parents bring home her hospital hat to sniff and all that good stuff...but did it just because we might as well. I know she already knew what was going on...she always does :)

When she came home she was excited to be back home and jumped up to sniff the "visitor". After that, I think she accepted that she has to share the attention.

Lately Hannah has become obsessed with her. Watching the dog is more exciting than almost anything else in her life.

Maggie can't wait until she can play...she brings her toys and puts them right into Hannah's hand or feet's too cute... and she somehow knows the difference between her toys and Hannah's toys. She has not even picked up one of Hannah's toys even though some of them are stuffed, some of them squeak and they are all over the floor... I honestly have no idea how she knows the difference between her toys and Hannah's...but she NEVER touches any of the baby toys.

And a recent visit to the dog park was one of the most exciting days ever......

And now that she's eating table food, that's a whole other element of excitement for both of these girls....

So in conclusion Hannah is 100% obsessed with Maggie and Maggie thinks Hannah is pretty cool most of the time. When Hannah gets close enough to touch Maggie she grabs a big handful of her fur and pulls and Maggie just gets up walks barking or growling,  just excuses herself to another location we need to start the "gentle" conversation right off the bat...especially when she starts moving (which is starting by the way).

So excited for these two ladies to be very good friends for a very long time :)

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Nancy said...

Love this! I'm so glad to see that the "two girls" are becoming fast friends. Congratulations!