Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crabs and Horses

Hannah (and I) got to experience so many new things this weekend!

Saturday, our good friends who lived in Maryland for a while had their second annual Crabfest. They had crabs delivered from Maryland for a delicious dinner party.

I had never had crabs this way before I wasn't sure what I would think about it...

I made seasoned crab harvesters give me a tutorial....

Turns out crabs are absolutely delicious and eating them is pretty fun! I also wasn't the only one that thought so...

This picture is obviously silly, but she really did eat her share of crab meat! She loved it... we didn't even end up eating the food we brought for her because she was such a fan of the stuff they had at the the end of dinner she had old bay seasoning all over her face and bib.. Thanks for a great party to Jen and Dave!

The next day was P&G day at Kings Island!
We met up with some friends and didn't stay for very long, but long enough to get this ridiculous shot

The boys rode a couple of roller coasters and Hannah rode the merry-go-round twice which was pretty much a highlight of her life (and mine too watching her have so much fun) She was screaming with glee every time it went up...cutest thing ever.

 Not nearly as exciting was meeting Snoopy (I love Snoopy so I pretty much chased him down for this picture) she was less than impressed.

Hannah: um, no.

Beautiful weather for a fun filled weekend! Gotta get in some real fall fun before winter comes back!

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