Tuesday, September 10, 2013

7 Months Old

We have a 7 month old!

Last month brought a ton of new things... she is sooo curious (or as I like to call her, nosey) about everything going on all the time. Always looking around to see what's going on.

I get two comments about her all the time...her pretty eyes and her facial expressions. She is very expressive.

In the past month she has started loving food (I don't think she's turned anything away yet, and we've given her some interesting things) and already has impressive self feeding skills. I'm impressed everyday by the small items she can pick up and somehow get to her mouth... like blueberries cut in fourths! ha. She has two teeth (and they are sharp!)

She has also started MOVING! It's an army crawl of sorts but she's getting pretty good at it. We probably need to start baby proofing sooner rather than later...

We have a very active baby social calendar and lots of neighborhood baby friends and mamas that we are so happy to have met. We get out of the house every day for some kind of baby activity. Her favorites are any of the ones where a circle of people sing....bonus points to the story time lady at blue manatee who reads books, sings AND plays guitar!

She remains to be the sweetest thing we have ever known.

Happy 7 months Hannah!

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