Friday, September 20, 2013

Lately - Fall Edition

This is a random blog of things that don't necessitate their own post but have been going on lately.

Lots of pretty weather 5pm cocktail hours on the back deck with my favorites.

Some serious army crawlin'. Need baby gates asap!

Soaking up pretty days on the swings with friends.

Becoming one of "those people" who shows up to a baby consignment sale 30 minutes before it even opens, coffee in hand with neighborhood girlfriends :)

We sent the president a birth announcement. Apparently he is supposed to send something back

Riding the train at the zoo with cousins!

Deciding 7 months is too old to be swaddled and ordering some ridiculous looking thing that is supposed to be the transition between the swaddle and the sleep sack... maybe I'll post about this again with an update?

Post bedtime nights around the fire with wine & neighbors

Which can only mean one thing....
the return of footie pajama season!

I think I almost forgot how cute footie pajamas are.
Now I just need to get a pumpkin spice latte and it will officially feel like fall!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crabs and Horses

Hannah (and I) got to experience so many new things this weekend!

Saturday, our good friends who lived in Maryland for a while had their second annual Crabfest. They had crabs delivered from Maryland for a delicious dinner party.

I had never had crabs this way before I wasn't sure what I would think about it...

I made seasoned crab harvesters give me a tutorial....

Turns out crabs are absolutely delicious and eating them is pretty fun! I also wasn't the only one that thought so...

This picture is obviously silly, but she really did eat her share of crab meat! She loved it... we didn't even end up eating the food we brought for her because she was such a fan of the stuff they had at the the end of dinner she had old bay seasoning all over her face and bib.. Thanks for a great party to Jen and Dave!

The next day was P&G day at Kings Island!
We met up with some friends and didn't stay for very long, but long enough to get this ridiculous shot

The boys rode a couple of roller coasters and Hannah rode the merry-go-round twice which was pretty much a highlight of her life (and mine too watching her have so much fun) She was screaming with glee every time it went up...cutest thing ever.

 Not nearly as exciting was meeting Snoopy (I love Snoopy so I pretty much chased him down for this picture) she was less than impressed.

Hannah: um, no.

Beautiful weather for a fun filled weekend! Gotta get in some real fall fun before winter comes back!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MadTree Brewing

MadTree is among the trend of awesome new breweries that are popping up around Cincinnati. Their beer is available in cans and on tap in stores and bars all around the city and they recently opened a tasting room that is about 5 minutes from our house. We finally got the chance to head over there with some friends last night and check the place out!

It's a big industrial looking space....because the tasting room is also the brewing room. Too cool! 

I was excited to spot a certain fall favorite on the menu....

PUMPKIN!! Yes please :)

I'm picky about my pumpkin beers... I can't do the super sweet ones or the one that just basically taste like nutmeg beer. This one was very well balanced...tasted the pumpkin but still tasted the beer. Does that makes sense? I promise I won't write a beer blog anytime soon.

I am also a huge Happy Amber fan.. just fyi :)

The other cool thing about this place is you are free to bring dinner or lunch in...whether that be from your home or carryout from your favorite place and enjoy it at their tables while sipping their delicious beers. byohc

you have a a brewery.
A lot of nights a local food truck or restaurant will set up shop and serve hungry patrons and on the night we were there, it was Maribelle's.

We met friends there and between the 4 of us (but really more like 2 of us) devoured two giant bags of the truffle parmesan popcorn. yummmmmm..

Rob and I also tried out some sandwiches...

Grilled tofu for her:

Chicken sausage for him:

Delicious on both counts.

If you have not been here it is a highly recommend...or at least next time you see their beers on tap or on the shelf, try it out..I promise you will not be disappointed!...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

7 Months Old

We have a 7 month old!

Last month brought a ton of new things... she is sooo curious (or as I like to call her, nosey) about everything going on all the time. Always looking around to see what's going on.

I get two comments about her all the time...her pretty eyes and her facial expressions. She is very expressive.

In the past month she has started loving food (I don't think she's turned anything away yet, and we've given her some interesting things) and already has impressive self feeding skills. I'm impressed everyday by the small items she can pick up and somehow get to her mouth... like blueberries cut in fourths! ha. She has two teeth (and they are sharp!)

She has also started MOVING! It's an army crawl of sorts but she's getting pretty good at it. We probably need to start baby proofing sooner rather than later...

We have a very active baby social calendar and lots of neighborhood baby friends and mamas that we are so happy to have met. We get out of the house every day for some kind of baby activity. Her favorites are any of the ones where a circle of people sing....bonus points to the story time lady at blue manatee who reads books, sings AND plays guitar!

She remains to be the sweetest thing we have ever known.

Happy 7 months Hannah!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hannah & Maggie

People ask me all the time how Maggie is with Hannah and vice versa. For those of you who don't know Maggie...she is a nut.

 She barks like a mad woman when anyone comes over and even though she is 8.5+ years old, she has the energy of a 6 month old puppy. She has trained for a half marathon with Rob with energy to spare and will do just about anything for a tiny dry dog treat. She has an uncanny internal clock and lays by the front door starting around 3, waiting for the mailman's 3:30ish arrival, barks at him with all her might and then heads back up to bed.

All that being said, she is the sweetest pup there is. She is quiet and snuggly when no one else is around and doesn't give trouble to other dogs or people. I've never had an ounce of fear that she would ever hurt anyone or anything..... I've had her since she was 9 weeks old so I'm not really afraid there is a traumatic past that will cause her to snap at some point....

Here she is playing with Hannah's friend Morgan back when she was a little older than Hannah's age now:

She is a really sweet girl. She loves walks and fetch and my dad. She won't sleep anywhere except under the covers and between my legs when it's cold outside.  She will always be our first baby :)

She stayed at my parent's house the night Hannah was born and we had my parents bring home her hospital hat to sniff and all that good stuff...but did it just because we might as well. I know she already knew what was going on...she always does :)

When she came home she was excited to be back home and jumped up to sniff the "visitor". After that, I think she accepted that she has to share the attention.

Lately Hannah has become obsessed with her. Watching the dog is more exciting than almost anything else in her life.

Maggie can't wait until she can play...she brings her toys and puts them right into Hannah's hand or feet's too cute... and she somehow knows the difference between her toys and Hannah's toys. She has not even picked up one of Hannah's toys even though some of them are stuffed, some of them squeak and they are all over the floor... I honestly have no idea how she knows the difference between her toys and Hannah's...but she NEVER touches any of the baby toys.

And a recent visit to the dog park was one of the most exciting days ever......

And now that she's eating table food, that's a whole other element of excitement for both of these girls....

So in conclusion Hannah is 100% obsessed with Maggie and Maggie thinks Hannah is pretty cool most of the time. When Hannah gets close enough to touch Maggie she grabs a big handful of her fur and pulls and Maggie just gets up walks barking or growling,  just excuses herself to another location we need to start the "gentle" conversation right off the bat...especially when she starts moving (which is starting by the way).

So excited for these two ladies to be very good friends for a very long time :)