Friday, August 23, 2013

Favorite Baby Food Tools

I've become a little obsessed with making baby food. I think it's so fun to come up with new combinations for my (hopefully) future foodie to try out. Sometimes I walk down the baby food aisle and check out the commercial baby food for ideas for flavor combinations and sometimes I just think of what looks good at the store/farmer's market and what sounds good together and give it a try. I usually try to make pretty small batches of food because I am not the type of person who likes to eat the same thing every day so I assume she would get bored just as easy.

These are my favorite baby food making/storing tools:

A steamer basket that I already owned (similar to this one)

that will fit in any pot:

A mini food processor, also already owned:

These awesome little baby food holders:

You can just use regular old ice cube trays too but I like these because they have lids and little oz markers and I can just store/freeze/thaw and serve all from the same container.

This random thing that might seem ridiculous but I use it every day. A banana could be served with like 5 separate meals around here! This thing keeps from wasting the rest easily.

And now a demo of the ease of delicious baby food making...on this particular day, we were preparing pear and parsnip puree (which she LOVED by the way)

Take a pear and parsnip (preferably organic):

Peel & Cut:

Pour in steamer basket:

Put the lid on and steam until everything is fork tender (8 minutes or so):

Puree until it's the consistency you want....add water (or breast milk or formula) to help it along if you need to:

Take a taste and make sure the consistency and taste is good:

Put it in containers....2 pears and 2 parsnips made 9 containers worth of meals!

Watch baby enjoy!

...and one more add to our list of loves. This high chair goes everywhere with us and folds up nice and small.

 I can't wait to keep trying new fun combos! Anyone have any baby food tools they can't live without?


Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE your baby food posts! Thank you so much. I am expecting with my first, and am a clean-eater and want to make sure baby is only eating the best food as well! Where did you buy those nifty little storage containers? I'm assuming I could find them on amazon? Also, on a more random note, what booster seat/chair is that!? It looks awesome!

Jen Lilley said...

Hi. Thanks!!
You can get both on amazon...the baby food containers are here:

and the high chair is here:

I did an amazon registry when I was pregnant... the prices (on some things) are so much more reasonable than the big box stores. Good luck!!