Monday, July 29, 2013

South Haven Vacation Part 2

Ok, so last time we talked about the pool.... today let's talk about South Haven's beautiful beaches!

On our first night we walked over the beach and spotted this view...pretty powdery sand the sun setting over the lake... we were very excited to head over there the next morning.

So the next day we loaded up the babies and the stuff (and there was a lot of stuff) and headed to the beach, which was about two blocks down the road.

Not pictured is Jason pulling a giant red wagon full of beach gear.... that was pretty much impossible to pull through the sand because of how fluffy the sand was....and came to this scene:

So pretty, right? Waves splashing, kids building sand castles, people lounging in the water... heaven.

The first day we were READY...we set up a beach tent....and had supplies to last us a month. Chairs, towels, books, music, toys, etc.

If you think I'm gonna nap here you're outta your mind.

Then quickly realized vacation with a 5 month old is different and there was going to be no setting up camp and hanging out at the beach all day long... but instead frequent back and forth short trips....
By the end of the trip Rob was heading down to the beach with just a beach chair with a strap and a towel shoved inside it....

but that's ok too...because of how fun it was to see Hannah experience new things every day.....

Although I can't lie...the times it was my turn to spend baby free time at the beach with my beach chair pulled all the way up to the water and my kindle in my hand were kind of heavenly..

It was also really fun to see Morgan experience so many new things and see a glimpse into what our future with a toddler will be like. She is like a little sponge...learning new things every minute and you can see her little brain processing what you are telling her. She's so smart and sweet and it was so nice to get to spend an entire week with her.

South Haven also has a lighthouse that is "famous" for their little town and every night people line up on the pier to wait for the sun to set over the lake. I think you can understand why....

I heard people at dinner saying "can you bring the check! We need to make the sunset!" like it was a movie or something...such a pretty way to end an evening. Speaking of out to eat... I think I will do one more post on the town and things to do/eat (or not eat) while you're there.

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