Monday, July 8, 2013

Review - Unwind Wine Bar

I didn't want to let much more time pass before I wrote about this adorable new(ish) wine shop in Hyde Park. Unwind is located right off of Hyde Park Square right next to the cute little candy and popcorn shop on Michigan Ave.

It has a long and beautiful outdoor patio under a pretty white pergola along with a gorgeous interior with leather chairs & stone walls that really makes you feel like you are in a swanky high end wine shop. However there is a good range of wine from really nice bottles & glasses to lesser priced if you aren't as much of a connoisseur. They also have a decent selection of beer there...nothing crazy special in the beer department, but definitely good for a wine shop and good enough to please a non wine drinking friend or spouse :)

Happy hour (from 4-7) includes $2 off glasses and $2 off appetizers...which, by the way, are delicious.
I have had the cheese and olive plate (which had a great variety of cheeses/olives/jams/crackers, etc) and was great for a group... the mushroom flatbread pizza which was really really good..and my personal favorite...this goat cheese mousse bruschetta situation with honey and lemon infused goat cheese mousse on toasty pieces of french bread.

The goat cheese is so fluffy and spreads so easily on the toast... I am definitely going to try to figure out how to recreate this at home so I can serve it at a cocktail party or something. (and by cocktail party right now I mean invite our neighbors and their infant over early in the afternoon to hang out with us and our infant for drinks and food so we can all be home by 8pm baby bedtimes..haha)- but one day the legit cocktail party will return!

I've also glanced at their brunch menu and am definitely planning on an outdoor brunch visit before the summer is over.

Next time I go I will take more pictures of the fun and festive outdoor patio and fancy shmancy inside, but this time I was too busy chatting with my sis on our one out of the house happy hour night while she was in town from North Carolina to remember to take any.  I'd say that's a pretty good reason.

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