Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Bookshelves

If you saw my nursery post, you saw that we had books displayed on our high shelf above the changing table.

I knew this wasn't a long term thing as one day I would want her to be able to choose her own books off of the shelf, but a couple of weeks ago when I went to pull down a book and 5 others came tumbling down too... I decided it was time to do our bookshelf re-vamp sooner rather than later...and I would have done it sooner if Ikea wasn't ALWAYS out of these spice racks that I wanted to use to build a book shelf that wouldn't take up any extra floor space in our small(ish) nursery. I also just liked the idea of the bookshelves having kind of a "built in" look.

So with a little inspiration from Pinterest, I finally went out and bought the coveted ikea spice racks (on my third trip up north to get them) for $3.99 each:

Then I grabbed my favorite spray paint (with primer built in!)

Laid out some cardboard and painted all the pieces white to match the rest of the furniture in my nursery

We put them together and hung them low on the wall so one day she can choose her own books to get down!

Children's books have such fun and colorful covers so I love how it adds more color to the room.

We still have two more that we haven't hung yet, and she has a lot more books (and a grandma who buys new ones every day) so I'm living with this for a week or two until I decide where I want the other two to go... I'm thinking it could be cute kind of "framing" the dresser....except I am not sure I want to give her a reason to hang out around her diaper pail....or there is an empty wall spot right to the left of the door when you walk not sure what we're going to do yet.

It will be fun when she can walk over to her little bookshelf and pick out her own bedtime story...but for now she is content to just look at the pretty colors..

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