Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5 months old

This lil baby turned 5 months old this week!!

She smiles at strangers like she's known them for a million years and gives her Dad the biggest belly laughs when he makes silly faces at her. She loooves to be sung to and her mom basically changes the words to every song on the radio to be something about whatever she is doing.....regardless of how stupid she sounds about 95% of the time. ok, 100% of the time

She has stopped hating baths, which makes the activity much more enjoyable, rolls over the second she is put down and sleeps on her stomach pretty much exclusively. She grabs at everything within her reach, including but not limited to cold drinks, hot coffee, earrings and her personal favorite, her mom's hair. (OUCH).  

She is hands down the sweetest thing I've ever known....

Here are some of my favorite shots from her 5 month "photoshoot"

Happy 5 months Hannah! We love watching you grow!!

Check out her four month shoot here


Katie said...

You should put Shorty in the photoshoot!

Anonymous said...

pic #4 legs spread wide open, any of her nkd like that showing her lil p-ssy?