Monday, July 29, 2013

South Haven Vacation Part 2

Ok, so last time we talked about the pool.... today let's talk about South Haven's beautiful beaches!

On our first night we walked over the beach and spotted this view...pretty powdery sand the sun setting over the lake... we were very excited to head over there the next morning.

So the next day we loaded up the babies and the stuff (and there was a lot of stuff) and headed to the beach, which was about two blocks down the road.

Not pictured is Jason pulling a giant red wagon full of beach gear.... that was pretty much impossible to pull through the sand because of how fluffy the sand was....and came to this scene:

So pretty, right? Waves splashing, kids building sand castles, people lounging in the water... heaven.

The first day we were READY...we set up a beach tent....and had supplies to last us a month. Chairs, towels, books, music, toys, etc.

If you think I'm gonna nap here you're outta your mind.

Then quickly realized vacation with a 5 month old is different and there was going to be no setting up camp and hanging out at the beach all day long... but instead frequent back and forth short trips....
By the end of the trip Rob was heading down to the beach with just a beach chair with a strap and a towel shoved inside it....

but that's ok too...because of how fun it was to see Hannah experience new things every day.....

Although I can't lie...the times it was my turn to spend baby free time at the beach with my beach chair pulled all the way up to the water and my kindle in my hand were kind of heavenly..

It was also really fun to see Morgan experience so many new things and see a glimpse into what our future with a toddler will be like. She is like a little sponge...learning new things every minute and you can see her little brain processing what you are telling her. She's so smart and sweet and it was so nice to get to spend an entire week with her.

South Haven also has a lighthouse that is "famous" for their little town and every night people line up on the pier to wait for the sun to set over the lake. I think you can understand why....

I heard people at dinner saying "can you bring the check! We need to make the sunset!" like it was a movie or something...such a pretty way to end an evening. Speaking of out to eat... I think I will do one more post on the town and things to do/eat (or not eat) while you're there.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

South Haven Vacation Part 1

Last week we spent at the BEACH...but not at the ocean, at the lake!
We spent the week in South Haven, Michigan and had a great time...

We left early in the morning on Saturday and took our time getting there...taking stops to eat, get gas or just stretch our legs...

We finally arrived at our destination and after dumping our luggage in our home away from home for the week...decided to head out for dinner, drinks and a little exploring.

Our first dinner unfortunately was NOT someplace I would recommend...but the beer was cold and we were on can't complain too much..

On the walk home Hannah fell asleep in the stroller so we decided to explore a little bit.
I had heard lots of good things about South Haven's beaches...but I have to admit, I was not prepared for how beautiful the beaches would be.

Powdery soft sand, water as far as the eye can see..... all of us kept mistakenly calling it the ocean!

Tired lil traveler:

We were a group of 6... 4 adults a 20 month year old toddler and a 5 month old baby...
I knew vacationing with a baby wouldn't be easy...but I didn't full comprehend the logistical craziness we would face with the nap schedules (hannah takes 3-4 naps a day!), sleeping in a bed that wasn't hers in a room with no curtains, etc etc.

Thankfully we made it work and still had fun. Going with friends was a lifesaver since we were able to trade off sitting in the condo for naps to give each other turns enjoying the beach or pool kid free.

And also allowed for a few date nights and post baby bedtime dinners and cocktails on the deck..

But anyway...let's get on with the trip re-cap...which basically just includes ridiculously cute pictures of our baby in swimsuits, sunglasses and sunhats :)

The 6 of us shared a 2 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom 2 story town house. It also had a garage and two decks overlooking the boat docks. The garage was great for leaving sandy wagons and beach toys and for rinsing off before getting into the house...and the two stories were perfect for being normal adults after 7:30/8pm bedtimes. We had a pool that was about a 30 second walk away and public beach access about a 10 minute walk away... While it would have been really nice to be closer (or ON) the beach, I think having the pool made up for that and I'm not sure I would trade closer beach access for the pool.

We took Hannah into the swimming pool for the first time ever on this trip (makin memories man) and I was the insane mom who slathered her kid with like $20 all natural sunscreen, a sun shirt, a hat, glasses and still made her sit under a beach tent.... don't want that precious baby skin to get burned!...She wasn't totally sure about it at first but eventually warmed up to it.

wtf is this?

straight chillin

The pool is fine, but I basically just like how I look in the outfits :)

The pool was a lot easier to lug stuff back and forth from so we spent a lot of time there in between naps, etc. Here are a few more pictures from our pool adventures:

Hannah's bff Morgan playing with her Dad

I have a lot more to talk about like the beaches, the the food, the town and the sunsets (oh man the sunsets!) so stay tuned for more recaps :)

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Over the weekend we had our annual book club family picnic. By some miracle the torrential downpour that we had been having for what seemed like forever, finally stopped and gave us a gorgeous day.

What do you get when you cross some of your favorite women in the world, their husbands, adorable babies, good food, a beautiful day, some sidewalk chalk, bubbles and a water table?
I'll tell you...a bunch of soaking wet kids and a great day :)

Love these ladies!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Bookshelves

If you saw my nursery post, you saw that we had books displayed on our high shelf above the changing table.

I knew this wasn't a long term thing as one day I would want her to be able to choose her own books off of the shelf, but a couple of weeks ago when I went to pull down a book and 5 others came tumbling down too... I decided it was time to do our bookshelf re-vamp sooner rather than later...and I would have done it sooner if Ikea wasn't ALWAYS out of these spice racks that I wanted to use to build a book shelf that wouldn't take up any extra floor space in our small(ish) nursery. I also just liked the idea of the bookshelves having kind of a "built in" look.

So with a little inspiration from Pinterest, I finally went out and bought the coveted ikea spice racks (on my third trip up north to get them) for $3.99 each:

Then I grabbed my favorite spray paint (with primer built in!)

Laid out some cardboard and painted all the pieces white to match the rest of the furniture in my nursery

We put them together and hung them low on the wall so one day she can choose her own books to get down!

Children's books have such fun and colorful covers so I love how it adds more color to the room.

We still have two more that we haven't hung yet, and she has a lot more books (and a grandma who buys new ones every day) so I'm living with this for a week or two until I decide where I want the other two to go... I'm thinking it could be cute kind of "framing" the dresser....except I am not sure I want to give her a reason to hang out around her diaper pail....or there is an empty wall spot right to the left of the door when you walk not sure what we're going to do yet.

It will be fun when she can walk over to her little bookshelf and pick out her own bedtime story...but for now she is content to just look at the pretty colors..

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5 months old

This lil baby turned 5 months old this week!!

She smiles at strangers like she's known them for a million years and gives her Dad the biggest belly laughs when he makes silly faces at her. She loooves to be sung to and her mom basically changes the words to every song on the radio to be something about whatever she is doing.....regardless of how stupid she sounds about 95% of the time. ok, 100% of the time

She has stopped hating baths, which makes the activity much more enjoyable, rolls over the second she is put down and sleeps on her stomach pretty much exclusively. She grabs at everything within her reach, including but not limited to cold drinks, hot coffee, earrings and her personal favorite, her mom's hair. (OUCH).  

She is hands down the sweetest thing I've ever known....

Here are some of my favorite shots from her 5 month "photoshoot"

Happy 5 months Hannah! We love watching you grow!!

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