Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Scenes from Sunday

Sunday happened to be one of those days where my camera(phone) was in full here are some scenes from Sunday...... I've mentioned it before, but if you haven't been to take the cake in Northside for are missing out on one of the best brunches in town.
Whether you are a sweet or savory will love this place.

Steak & Egg with black beans, chimichurri, guacamole, feta & cabbage slaw

Cuban biscuit with a poached egg, swiss cheese, local ham,
pork tenderloin, mustard aioli, onion and cucumber

After brunch there was some porch sittin with some of my favorites...

 This baby loves her Great Oma :)

 and mirrors

 .....and this activity mat. Oh man does she love this activity mat. I feel like the toys are old friends that every time she gets down there she is like "ooooh it's you! How've you been since I've been away?"

and this dog...she watches her everywhere she goes recently. I can't wait for them to be best friends.

There is our happy little Sunday in a nutshell.
The weekends go by way too fast around here!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monthly Photo - 4 Months

This weekend this little lady turned four months old.

Here is a fun peek at the last 4 month photo shoots

.....and here are a couple of the other pictures...she makes this face of shock and surprise all day every day. It is hilarious and she is seeing everything for the first time...which, I guess sometimes is true. haha.

Of course her (and our) favorite pup had to get in on the photo shoot action

And here is one with my favorite childhood stuffed animals for scale later :)
Those little blurry feet never stop moving!!

Everyone said how fast it would go by and they sure were right. I barely remember that little lump in the month 1 photo. She is such a little person with such a little personality.   I don't want to say too much because once you say it out loud too many times I'm sure it all changes, but she is pretty much the most easy going baby of all time. We feel like the luckiest parents in the world...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boy or Girl Themed Baby Shower for Katie

Katie and I have been friends since the first 5 minutes of the first day of our freshman year of high school. We were assigned desks next to each other in homeroom. She came from a giant elementary school (unlike my 8th grade graduating class of 19) and I felt like she knew everyone.. Her hair was always in perfect curls...and her uniform pants were the exact right length - seriously don't ask my why I noticed/remembered this...but I always thought uniform pants looked so nerdy on me and so stylish on her. She will of course deny all of this but I thought she was so cool.

Much to our parent's dismay (since we lived almost 40 minutes apart!) we spent tons of time together in high school..our parents shuttling us back and you can imagine how happy everyone was when we got our licenses. She is one of those people I was and am always able to be 100% myself around and I am so happy/lucky that we have been friends ever since....

Now we are all grown up and our husbands are friends (that share a love of all things craft beer and home brewing) and she is due with a baby in 2 weeks! Which will make him/her only a little over 4 months younger than Hannah! It's been so fun to be going through all of this together and I can't wait until their baby arrives. We call it "Pat" since we don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet... and this weekend I threw Pat and Katie a little "boy or girl?" themed baby shower!

Sorry these pictures aren't great... I didn't take the time to get the lighting right...and it totally shows...anyway.. I ran with the whole pink or blue theme in the decor with some pink and blue
tablecloths & bunting:.

 And of course with the desserts...

 These are chocolate cupcakes with homemade vanilla buttercream icing. And then some pink and blue chocolate covered pretzels. Katie and I get together to make these every I had to throw those in :)

I made all the ladies "wear their guess" of whether they thought "Pat" would be a boy or a girl by making buttons with mustaches and bows on them :)

In this photo Nicole is clearly winning the clothespin game..where you had to catch people saying words like "baby, cute and June".....she clinched the win by tricking a 6 year old into saying cute and stealing her clothespin :)

People hung out:

Gifts were opened:

And people took home some packaged chocolate covered pretzels as a thank you for coming:

I am so excited to meet this baby! Let the Pat countdown begin.