Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bread Maker

In my ongoing effort to rid our diets of overly processed food as much as possible....I borrowed my grandparent's old bread maker and started making our own bread. Since I'm home for 6 months and am lucky enough to have a husband that works 3 miles away and comes home and has lunch with us almost every day, I figured it was worth a try.

Many years ago (this bread maker is OLD) I remember my grandpa making bread ALL the time and their house always smelled like delicious warm freshly baked deliciousness. Eventually he stopped doing it so last time I was visiting I asked to borrow it and came home and made a loaf with the easiest recipe I could find with ingredients I already had and we've been obsessed every since.

Now making bread is kind of a pain in the a$$. It's like an exact science of mixing and kneading and temperatures and if you're into that sort of thing, but I am more of a cook than a baker/scientist and this bread maker LITERALLY does everything for us. You dump it all in and it lets it sit, then stirs it....lets it rise, kneads it, bakes it and beeps when it's done. It's about a 4.5 hour process....but the results are sooo soo worth it.

Our first recipe was a plain old white bread using ingredients I already had...then we went for a rye with caraway seeds...

yummmm crusty outside and soft warm inside. Is there anything better than warm bread?

The rye was good, but a little too dense for sandwiches so our most recent favorite is this wheat bread with a little honey in is its beauty shot toasted and enjoyed with eggs straight from the farm of one of Rob's co-workers and a (virgin) bloody mary on the most beautiful morning we've had so far this year...

Anyone else out there have a bread maker and a favorite recipe to share?

I'm obsessed with the the thing, but I have to admit I wish it wasn't so BIG.....I refuse to leave it out and lugging it in and out of the cabinet 1-2x a week is getting old. My next kitchen will have an appliance garage!

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