Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

This year we hosted Easter at our house again.. (here is the post from last year's Easter) and while the weather wasn't as nice as we've had the past couple of years....I'll take it considering there was snow the weekend before. (stupid lying groundhog)

Anywhoooo...let's re-cap.

I wanted to make some crafty kitschy Eastery stuff.... I feel like now that I have a little one I can hang the felt bunny on the door and all that other cheesy stuff..... (I'm almost scared of what I'll do this year at Christmas time) that's exactly what I did..bought the first of my cheesy holiday decor and hung it right on the front door.

I also bought some peeps and used them for both decoration and deliciousness....

peep & jellybean bouquet centerpiece!

chocolate covered peep pops with marshmallow tails... yes, they are as delicious and rich as they look.

And of course a beautiful veggie tray to curb the sugar a little :)

Food was enjoyed:

March Madness was watched:

can you tell who the brothers are?

And the baby was introduced to everyone and passed around all day!

And even though the weather wasn't quite as nice as year's past, we were still able to get out and spend a little time outside.

And Hannah got her first visit from a certain bunny!

Baby tights... I die!

All in all it was a great day with our family.
Happy Easter everyone!!

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