Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We've been trying to get pictures of Hannah together with the people who are sure to be her friends in the future so we can bust the pictures out in the future with a "look how long you've known each other!" and whatnot....but I'm finding taking pictures with toddlers and newborns is even harder than you would think....

Here are some attempts...

Morgan, Hannah's future college roommate at OU:

How cute is she?

Maggie photobomb

Best of the lot... I'll take it.


I literally turned my camera on fast shots and took about 50 photos and THESE were the best I got of the two of them. If these were the best, you can imagine what else was captured haha.

Doesn't this picture just scream "friends forever!"?

this is as close as he would get

I did get this super cute shot of Ian and his mama :)
Alexa- cousins!
sooo I'm pretty sure holding babies is the way to go :)

Hannah is having so much fun meeting all of her future friends (if you can't tell her obvious excitement from the pictures)- we can't wait for this weather to break so we can get out and spend more time with all of her future besties :)


Krista said...

Once the weather breaks, let's get a picture with Hannah, Olivia and Sophia. Well if they all sit still long enough. Ha ha.

Jen Lilley said...

Yes definitely!

ChrisFendler said...

Love the pictures of Hannah and her friends and from those you posted when she was 3 weeks old - she looks like she would like to talk to you. She is an adorable baby and I'm sure she brings much pleasure to you and Rob.

Chris Fendler (Rob's grandma in snowy Fort Collins)

Jen Lilley said...

Thank you :) We are having so much fun with her! Glad you are enjoying the pictures.