Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No Baby Yet!

I am now 3 days past my due date. I know it's not uncommon and that a due date is just a give or take 2 weeks in either direction kind of date. I also know I was late, my cousin had her baby late, my aunts had their babies late...lateness just runs in my family.. so I expected to be late...but it's just hard when you spend so much time counting down to some arbitrary number that comes and goes.

Also each day I'm more and more uncomfortable..which makes me feel like doing less and less stuff which makes me more and mored bored.  I wish it were nice outside so I could just go read a book outside or take Maggie to the dog park.  Instead I keep going to stores to walk around which just ends up with me coming home with a cart full of random crap. Anyway.. enough with the pity party...  I'm so lucky that I get to sit at home and relax to wait for her to come instead of being in the office. I'm lucky I have a husband who can come home often to have lunch with me during the week. I'm lucky for such good friends/family who are waiting on pins and needles for any news (and are getting none). Trust me, I know that I am one lucky lady....and so is this baby...she just needs to come and see it!

This is what has been going on this week.

I've been drinking more Raspberry Leaf Tea than I can keep track of.

I've gotten an accupressure massage, which obviously did nothing, but still felt amazing.

I discovered a brand new parking spot at my friendly neighborhood grocery store (Thanks HP Kroger!)

I've washed and folded every piece of baby clothes in existence.

I took this guy out for a fun filled day of birthday celebrations

I've been giving this crazy girl extra snuggles and attention

I've started to be mocked by my pregnancy apps

and I filled in the question mark left from last week's blog with a 40 week pregnancy picture.. 

Here is to hoping there is no week 41 picture!!!

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