Tuesday, February 5, 2013

50 West Brewing Company

This weekend we headed East with some friends for Rob's birthday to do a little beer tasting at the new 50 West Brewing Company. Unfortunately, I wasn't really able to take more than a couple of small sips of the beer for obvious reasons, but still thought I would write up a little blog about our experience there.

The brewery is located on Wooster Pike down past Hahana Beach. You walk into a nice sized and well decorated tasting room with a friendly, knowledgeable bartender and the beer selections written on chalkboards.

 Our party all ordered samplers, which were a great deal at $4.50!

Then went back and bought glasses of their favorites... also something worth mentioning, their glassware is very nice and I love when places have the right glasses to match what you are drinking. 

To the right of the "tasting room" there was more space with tables and a fireplace that I imagine will eventually be their restaurant. It was so cozy down here!

They also have a nice sized fenced in back patio that I can see lots of activity happening in when it's not covered in snow :)

There were also beer complementing snacks to much on including these spicy pretzels:

and this basket of delicious pretzel bread with beer cheese dip from Servatii's:

 To the left of the tasting room is a shuffleboard table!! So fun...with a big screen TV and a window into the brewery.

On this particular day, one of the brewers was giving tours to anyone that was interested in one. We didn't partake in the tour this time, but maybe sometime in the future.

Again, I know it's silly to write a blog post about a brewery when I can't really say anything about the beer, but we had such a nice time that I wanted to share what a neat place this is. The building, the ambiance, the employees, everything was just perfect and I can't wait to go back when I can enjoy a frosty beverage of my own :) I will say that everyone in our party enjoyed the beer and expressed interest in coming back for another little daytime hangout.

Keep up the good work guys!

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Lindsay @ LBLF Blog said...

now that you have your adorable little nugget you HAVE to try some of 50W beers. They're doing food now too and it's really tasty stuff. I've been a couple times now and their IPA is my favorite beer so far. I wrote up a little post on my blog too :-) cheers!