Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4 Days Pre-Due Date Brain Dump

Warning: This post is one rambling train of thought :)
Well, this baby's due date is now officially 4 days away. It's been weird this week when people ask me when I'm due and I can just say "Sunday".... people are always a little taken aback by makes me laugh...

I told Rob last night that if I ever complained about being uncomfortable before I wish I could go back and rough up that previous version of myself, because I had no idea what discomfort was like. All in all, besides the first 15 or so weeks of nonstop nausea, I've had it pretty good. Now my back hurts 24/7,  I'm breathing heavy all the time, bending over is an Olympic event and I can't quite get comfortable enough to sleep peacefully.

It was 70 degrees here today so I took Maggie out for a walk waddle and was back a half a mile later out of breath and needing to sit down. I decided I would rest for a while and then go back out but then turned on a couple of episodes of Catfish (anyone out there as obsessed as me?) and never quite made it out again before dark. Whoopsies.

Another interesting thing I've discovered is being out and about during the week in the middle of the day...  I'm used to doing all my shopping at night and on weekends when everything is crowded and everyone is in a rush...people that have the time to shop during the daytime are different. I carried on a 20 minute conversation in Trader Joe's yesterday with an old lady walking a tiny poodle on a leash... I didn't even know non medically needed dogs were allowed in grocery stores but I digress. She felt like chatting and I didn't have anywhere else to be so we chatted. Only later when I was re-telling the story to Rob about the old woman with the poodle on the leash at Trader Joe's telling me about her dog's allergies did I realize it was kind of amusing.

I am also beyond thinking any old wives' tales are stupid. This week I ate an entire pineapple, walked a ton and have been consuming Raspberry Leaf tea like it's my job. Even if they will do absolutely nothing to help at least I feel like I'm an active participant in the process. A friend told me that her family goes into labor when eating Italian food, her mom, her grandma and maybe an Italian meal will have to go on the schedule... I'm not above trying other family's old wives tales. I just basically want to do anything that will keep me from eventually needing to be induced....but I know there is still plenty of time.... I think this week I will schedule an accupressure prenatal massage...even if it doesn't work it will still be awesome...

We are so ready for this baby. Ready and comes in spurts :)
I can't wait to see what she's like. Pregnancy was an ...interesting adventure..time for the next one!

Also today I put together this little montage of terrible iphone pregnancy photos of myself from week 20-now. Looking at it it makes me laugh so much that I remember taking that 20 week photo and thinking I was starting to look soo pregnant!

If you're still reading, that concludes today's brain dump.
Hopefully that question mark will be filled in with a picture of a chubby baby girl instead of another chubby picture of me....but only time (& pineapples) will tell :)

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