Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Final Before & Afters

Well as I mentioned a couple of posts ago...we have been busy busy with some exciting stuff... we're moving! I know what you're thinking....but you always talk about how much you love your 'hood.... which is why we are staying (VERY) close to  home :)

Anyway.... I might write a couple of posts about this house that we have grown to love so so much... but I thought it might be fun to do some comparisons of the house from the realtor's website before we bought it and then when we sold it to see how different people decorate the same spaces. It's not exactly as it might look on a daily basis ....for example we don't generally keep absolutely nothing out on our kitchen counters....but you get the idea... let's have some fun!

The dining room:

In this room we painted the back of the built-ins green to make the things on it pop. I thought it was such a fun contrast with all the random white things I found randomly through the years at thrift stores and whatnot.

The office:

For me dark colors close in a room so much. In this room we painted 3 of the walls the same color as the rest of the house and had a very faint "accent wall" in light green to add a little interest. I think it makes it look so much better, but admittedly I need to play with color a little more in our next house :)

The living room:




I think it's amazing the difference window treatments can make in looking a room look finished. Even totally sheer white window treatments…. 


Kept this room pretty much the same! - 
ps selling the high top table and chairs if anyone is in the market :)

Kids' Room:

I love this nursery…..


One of the first things we did was ripped out that old creaky door and put up a crisp white shower curtain. I liked it much better that way.


In 4 years we never got around to painting this room…but see what I mean about the curtains!

Well there is a little glimpse into the house we are leaving that we have loved oh so much. … luckily we aren't going far so we can keep an eye on her :)

And just for funsies….read about some old before and after things here and here

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

9 Months Old

Another month has passed, which means my little baby is 9 months old! I can barely believe it.

She's come such a long way since this little lump:

Here are some "outtakes" from this shoot.

She is still mostly army crawling but also getting up on her knees to crawl...and she is FAST! Gone are the days of putting her down for a minute and running to the bathroom or to get a glass of water... She's either right behind you or getting into something random... 10 thousand toys on the floor at all times and yet she still ends up with the one thing in the room she shouldn't touch... 

She is so easy going and really only gets cranky when it's past her nap time... which on this day just happened to coincide when she gets the best light in her room....

But thankfully she gets over things pretty quickly..

Her new most favorite thing in the whole word is pulling up on everything..... all the time. Your leg, the coffee table, the crib, an empty laundry basket (whoops!) she is up. Always.

She is also more recently really into books which makes this mama proud. I want to make her one with pictures of her family & friends in it... I think she would really like looking at that.

Happy 9 months sweet girl!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Baby Progressive Dinner

What an 8 months it's been since Hannah was born! In the past 8 months Hannah, Rob and I have been lucky enough to meet sooo many new friends with babies right around Hannah's age. A part of me was really afraid that once she was born our social life would be dead...or at least on life support for a while...but I was wrong and we are having soo much fun every day with all of our new baby friends.

This weekend we had the first (annual- hopefully!) Halloween progressive dinner. There are 4 of us who live within one block of each other, so we were the 4 stops on the progressive dinner stop. Along for the ride were 28 adults and 14 (I think?) babies all under a year. We packed up our little aerobics instructor and headed to the first stop.

The first stop served butternut squash soup & a fall salad with homemade croutons (that I basically ate by the fistful) - and had these ridiculously cute halloween baby favors:

Some of the parents got in on the costume action too!

Oh and did I mention we wheeled pumpkin and Oktoberfest beer from house to house via "beerbarrow"?

beerbarrow at your service

The next house (directly across the street) served pumpkin risotto, smoked short ribs and a table of cheese, meats and other snacks...

Along with delicious fall punch

I have decided that more drinks need cranberries floating in them.
One street over the next stop was our house where we served Puff pastry with sopressata and cheese, butternut squash and goat cheese dip and a baked brie with apples....  this is the only pic of course I took of our spread, before anything even came out of the oven. whoops.

Parents most likely doing something embarrassing to make the babies look.

Before the dessert stop,  we had to take some pictures obviously... a few of the babies and grown ups had already left for early bedtimes by now....but here is a sampling of the cuteness...

Soooo ridiculously thankful that I have these ladies in my life!

Daddies and there anything cuter?... oh yeah, daddies and babies in halloween costumes.

We enjoyed a sampling of fall desserts and hot (spiked) cider....

And headed back across the street to put our little pumpkin to bed...who was exhausted and slept in nice and late the next morning....

Such a fun day!!

And for your viewing pleasure one more pic of Hannah in her costume :)

Not amused

Happy Halloween!!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Costumes - a trip down memory lane

I thought it would be fun to do a little look back on all the random Halloween costumes I've documented since starting this blog...

Let's start with Halloween 2008 when I had two costumes...
The first night Rob and I were Juno and Bleeker...remember that movie? So good...anyway, that's what we went to our first party as.

I had a great time holding drinking beer and dancing like a maniac while looking a million months pregnant, but also didn't try on the belly before buying and am pretty sure I got one that was supposed to go under like a massive santa costume or something so I didn't really want to wear it again the next poor Rob rocked those killer shorts two nights in a row while I pulled together a cowgirl outfit from things in my wardrobe for the next night.. haha

Sidenote- my sister (the lion) is a wiz at pulling together awesome halloween costumes from stuff she already owns.... 

Halloween 2009 was awesome and Rob and I rocked publisher's clearing house winners costumes. After the party I kept trying to buy drinks at the bar with that check, but apparently Habits doesn't take novelty sized checks. Lame.

Emily again pulled off the magic with crap from my parent's basement including the daisy hat that we both had after going to Disney world in like 1990.

Halloween 2010 I was Flo from the Progressive commercials... I got to wear a bumpit in my hair which pretty much made my Halloween.

and Maggie had fun dressing up as her arch nemesis...

fun is in the eye of the beholder

2011 I dressed up with some co-workers in some rockin' 80s gear

And Maggie stuck with her building tradition of dressing like her multiple enemies.

This year I have a new little someone special to embarrass dress up at Halloween so let the fun begin! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patchin' 2013

Two weekends ago we did our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch.  I wanted to try something different out and got some good suggestions on facebook, but when Hannah decided to take a marathon nap that day and slept way later than usual, we decided to go somewhere a little closer to home.... and went with Burger Farms. If I'm being honest, I don't recommend this pumpkin patch. There are so many others that are just sooo soo much better. This one had rides you would find at a festival and carnival games...and lots of odd things that were just not what I think of when I want to go to a pumpkin patch. All I really wanted though was to take a hayride to a pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins, but that was even pretty bad.....we took a hayride through the parking lot and a bunch of dump trucks and muddy holes to a tiny strip of grass with a bunch of pumpkins dumped in a pile...

Last year at blooms and berries we took a fun hayride through haunted woods to a big patch of pumpkins spread out everywhere.... There are a lot of great pumpkin festivals in this city...this is not one of them..... I want a corn maze and caramel apples and hot apple cider and silly cutouts to make you look like a scarecrow.... but anyway....

That being said, we managed to get some great pictures so that made me happy.

We jumped on the magical hayride...

To the pumpkin patch!

Hannah had a great time climbing all over them and checking them out...

It was a gorgeous fall day....

We picked out a couple of small pumpkins and had a little fun while waiting for our hayride to pick us back up...

Happy Fall!