Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmassy Weekend in Instagram Pictures

We had such a holiday filled weekend!

Friday night we headed down to OTR to attend this year's Christmas Saengerfest, which basically entailed multiple choirs singing at various venues downtown in OTR including Memorial Hall and a couple of beautiful churches I had never been in. We have been having such a mild winter (again) so far that it was nice to just throw on a coat and walk around to see the lights and churches and choirs...

First, we headed over to Fusian to have a quick pre-saengerfest dinner.

Then walked through the beautifully lit up Washington Park to Memorial Hall

Where we got to watch both the Cincinnati Boys (training) Choir and the YPCC perform Christmas carols

Then we grabbed a cup of hot cider and made the walk to St Francis Church to check out the live manger scene and the Cincinnati Men's Choir (they were awesome!)

After the final show, we headed over to check out the new Christian Moerlein Brewery...

and then back to Taste of Belgium for dessert and a cup of coffee
This is a gingerbread waffle with peppermint whipped cream and a crushed candy cane garnish....

The rest of the weekend involved wrapping/shipping gifts, a yoga class, a fun dinner out with friends, some Christmas cookie baking and a big family Sunday dinner with my aunts/uncles & cousins.

Peanut Butter Cookies with Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses
Love this time of year!! ...and trust me I am not complaining about this ridiculously mild winter we're having (last night I didnt even wear a coat) but I am still hoping for SNOW on Christmas...nothin like a white Christmas!


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