Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Updates - Nursery

Well last week I told you we were down to t-100 days until Baby E's scheduled arrival (today marks 93 for anyone out there keeping track - which equates to about 13 weeks and 2 days according to one of my many baby tracking apps) Oh and she's also apparently about 2.2lbs and the length of a cucumber. Crazy, no?

Anyway, we have been doing some nursery stuff around here!
Once I found out we were having a girl, I started looking around the internet for stuff that I liked and slowly but surely we have been putting bringing to life my little "baby mood board" I'm going for a calm & pretty white, grey, purple with a few other fun colors thrown in.

Here is Baby E's mood board... what do you think?

Now with some of the items in the room it is getting to feel so much more real! It's kind of crazy to pass that room every morning and see a crib and a rocking chair sitting in it just waiting :)

To see how the nursery ended up turning out and where everything is here.

In other baby news I have the best friends ever and the lending and gifting of baby items has just been so generous and overwhelming. It seems so silly to me  to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on things that a baby uses (or wont use) for 3 months that is sitting in boxes in other people's I'm so lucky/blessed that I have friends who are happy to pass things on.

Last night I took my friend Nicole out to dinner to thank her for this haul of stuff

Seriously, is this the craziest pile of stuff ever. She won't take money and despite my efforts of trying to force feed her cocktails and dessert at dinner she was a ridiculously cheap date. We sat at dinner for 3 hours talking, it was so nice to catch up with her without husbands/babies or even just other people around. It was a good reminder for me that once we have our little one here and as much fun as it is to get everyone together, one on one time with friends can be soo nice (and needed!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have dinner with friends planned on Saturday so look for an actual restaurant review coming soon!


ideasman said...

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find your rocking chair?? We are due in November 2013, and are looking for one. Thanks!!

Jen Lilley said...

The rocking chair is from pottery barn kids!