Sunday, October 28, 2012

100 days

I promise part two of our Asheville trip is coming, but today something crazy happened. My iphone counter that I'm obsessed with using to count down the days to everything (birthdays, vacations, holidays, friend's weddings, etc) told me today that our baby is due in 100 days. Now, obviously I realize that means this baby could be here sooner or later than that, but her expected arrival date is exactly 100 days from today. Crazy. (ps this post was written on Friday 10/26 and published a few days late :) )

Pregnancy is full of little milestones. First time you hear the heartbeat, first time you get to see a peek of them during your sonogram, finding out if they are a boy or girl, feeling her kick for the first time, baby showers, nursery decorating, hospital bag packing etc etc. 100 days away. So close yet so far away :)

This week we took apart our pretty purple guest room, one of my favorite rooms in the house. We moved all the furniture to the basement where I am going to try my hardest to set up a cute guest room down there for friends (and especially little sisters who move to different states) to stay whenever they want to.

Yesterday, Rob touched up the paint on the baseboards from the furniture that has been in there, today we are getting the carpets professionally cleaned....tomorrow, a pretty new rocking chair is getting delivered... the chair we will rock our baby girl to sleep in every night. Forgive me, another milestone.. baby's first rocking chair :)  I must have sat in 75 chairs before deciding on this one. Well actually I probably sat in this one first, then 75 while thinking about this one, until I finally sat in it again and bought it. Love at first sight.

A couple of months ago the crib I had been eyeing went on sale on some random online website so my mom placed the order and it and it showed up on my front porch a week later. It has been sitting in the garage in its box for a while, but this weekend might be the weekend it comes out to make its debut.

This weekend is also another "milestone" the infamous glucose test everyone talks about.

I'll keep you updated!

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Kat Rolley said...

You look great!! HATED the glucose test...hope it went well for you!