Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Restaurant Review - Quarter Bistro

Last weekend Rob took me to dinner to celebrate being halfway done growing this baby... part of me wants to say "I cant believe I'm halfway done" and part of me is like "seriously...halfway? that's it?" I guess it depends on the day you ask me...the first 15 weeks or so went by VERY slow but now things seem to be moving along a little faster so let's hope it continues on that way.

Anyway, enough about that (for now)- let's get onto dinner. We decided on the Quarter Bistro in Mariemont. We got there around 7pm and were the youngest people in the restaurant...by like 30 years... I obviously have no issue with that, it was just an interesting crowd...about a half hour in, the place started filling up with more families and younger couples... I guess we were just still on the early bird special timing.

The menu is interesting...if you asked me what kind of restaurant it was I honestly couldn't really answer you.They have a little bit of everything, which can always go either way...
The waiter brought over a white paper bag with a baguette in it along with a side of soft whipped butter that was so delicious. I don't ask for much when it comes to bread....warm fresh bread, real butter, softened butter....it was perfect.

I ordered a Caesar salad to start and this fancy guy came out:

The salad part was standard....lettuce, croutons, a little cheese...but the dressing was clearly made in house and was very good. Salty and a lil fishy...just like a good Caesar dressing should taste.

For dinner Rob ordered the Torta Cubana:
Honey Pit Ham, Braised Pork, Chorizo, Cotija Cheese, Avocado, Chipotle Mayonnaise and Housemade Fries

I only had a bite of this, but to me the bread was the perfect mix of crunchy and soft (not too bready) and all the meat was tender and the flavors complemented each other really well. Rob loved it and said he would order this again for sure.

My dinner isn't listed on the online menu for some reason so let's see if I can remember all the components.
Scallops with fried tomatoes, crab cakes wrapped in asparagus with black quinoa and an asparagus puree.

Oh man everything on this plate was so seriously delicious...Rob asked me to rank the components and I had a hard time doing that. The Scallops were cooked perfectly. The fried tomatoes were crispy on the outside and cheesy and tomato-y on the inside. They were salty, creamy, crunchy. Must re-create at home asap. The little crab cakes were overflowing with crab with a tiny little biscuit on top to make the crab cake rather than a ton of filling with no crab. The asparagus puree went great with everything. The quinoa was fine...a little salty for my taste (and that's saying something) but it added a lil somethin somethin to the plate both aesthetically and texturally.

We will definitely be back...hopefully to sit on their pretty lil patio!

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