Friday, August 31, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Hi friends-

If you are wondering why there has been no food on this blog lately...I can explain!
I honestly didn't think you would be interested in seeing pictures of the foods below basically over and over and over and over again:

Literally for about 10 weeks this is about the extent of what was coming out of my kitchen or going into my mouth....

Or what about the time we DID go out to eat and picked the restaurant specifically because they had these tasty little guys on the menu

fried pickles. mmmmmmmm

Any guesses why?????????
If you haven't guessed by now I guess I will just have to come out and tell you :)

Baby E is on the way!! So exciting/terrifying!! :)

Happily fresh food, vegetables, (some) meats, tofu and other healthy things are finally making their way back into my diet... not to mention the desire to cook and go out to dinner.... so maybe I'll be a little more regular on here now.

Since I've been feeling better this baby has been all over the place! To a crazy bachelorette party in New Orleans:

 A BFF wedding in Dayton, Ohio:

A trip to California to visit his or her grandparents:

And lots of other random adventures :)

Let the adventures continue!!

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