Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Restaurant Review - Jo An Japanese

So the story that I've heard many times (and have not verified) is that the Japanese employees of Toyota were in desperate need of some delicious and authentic sushi near their offices and that is how Jo An eventually came to be. I have heard rumors of this place being in a random office building somewhere in Erlanger, KY and they weren't lying. As a matter of fact Google Maps won't even take you the right way... but keep trying and you will eventually find it. You basically drive back down a random driveway and to an office building until you see.....This:

 Walk through the office building doors and there you will find Jo An. Clean and simple but not overflowing with any kind of ambiance, Jo An's is a simple little restaurant

When we sat down our waitress came right over and brought us some hot towels. I am never 100% sure what exactly I'm supposed to do with those, but they are a nice authentic touch :)

We started our meals off with some side salads. The ginger dressing on these sushi salads is always a little hit or miss (ex: rhu thais: hit benihanna: misssss) and this one was definitely a hit. Flavorful without being too watery or heavy.

Next we had an order of salmon nigiri in generous pieces and was fresh and delicious.

We also ordered a few rolls that had great texture, giant pieces of fish, fresh avocado and crunchy cucumber. Everything was absolutely perfect and I was seriously full once finished, which doesn't always happen with sushi

This time we were here for the sushi, next time I might ask the waitress about some of the other interesting dishes that people were ordering to give something new a try.They also had a pretty large wine and sake list. Jo An is definitely worth the drive if you are in the mood for some really great sushi. We will be back.

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Emily said...

looks delicious!
glad you gave the people what they wanted! (a new post!)

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